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Why The Epson Printer Won’t Print? How To Fix? [2022 SOLVED]


Epson is among the most well-known firms in the printing industry. So, just like any other machine maker, many of its models also begin with some issues after a specific amount of time. For Epson’s printers, there are instances like epson printer not printing wirelessly. This is a reference to printing printers not being able to respond to the request to print when you attempt printing something.

Although this can be difficult to resolve it’s not difficult to deal with. It may stop what you wanted to print for a while however, it is quickly fixed. The solution is a simple solution, so continue reading this article to learn the best way to fix this issue on the printer of your Epson printer.

Basic Troubleshooting of Epson Printer not Printing

Make sure that there aren’t any paper jams in the paper tray and the paper feeder.
Clean up any debris or objects stuck on the printhead.
Make sure there is no overflow or ink that is clogged at the cartridge.
Update the operating system by using printer tools.
Perform a thorough clean of the printer
Let’s get started on more in-depth troubleshooting techniques for more assistance.

Make sure that you have connected your printer

This issue could be because of the incorrect configuration of the connection to or from the Epson printer. Therefore, it is recommended to first check every connection of your printer.

Below are the steps to determine if you’re using a USB cable for the connector:

Conduct a thorough check to verify that the cable is connected properly. Unplug the cable and reconnect it to ensure it’s properly connected.
Take a look at removing the hub that connects the printer to the computer. If you find one between them, try removing it.
The cable should be connected to the other ports on the connector to ensure.
Try another cable to determine whether the cable you used before was the cause.
Below are the steps to find out if you’re connected to the network printer you need:

Check every connection that is involved in the connection between your computer and the printer, including the Modem or router.
Examine your network connectivity for your printer to ensure that your printhead is linked to the internet.
If your computer has an internet connection that is wired, consider reconnecting or replacing your network cable.
Make sure to connect your printer to your workplace and home networks in the event of wireless printers.

Here are the steps to take for the possibility of a Bluetooth connection:
Reduce your distance from the printer and computer.
The computer and the printer. Then connect them once more.

Modify the printer that is default

The issue could be due to the computer not being able to recognize the printer it is using as the default printer. The methods by which you can switch the default printer of your PC are provided below.

Press the Start button, and press R simultaneously to summon this Run button.
Fill it using “control” and then press enter.
Click on the Large icons in the option View by.
Click on the Device and Printers icon.
Choose the printer you want to use in the open window by right-clicking. Then click on Set as the default printer.
If none of this did the trick, continue reading for more.

Try updating the driver of your printer

The most frequent issues that printers face that hinder them from completing the printing process is their printer driver that is out of current or using the incorrect printer utilized for the standard printer. This could be the cause of the issue with printing in your Epson printer. The solution to this issue isn’t all that difficult and requires some instructions. Here are the ways to modify the driver for your printer:

Click on the Start button, right-click and then click Control Panel.
Go to Hardware and Sound
Click on Devices and Printers in the open window.
Right-click on the Epson Universal Printer Driver
Click on Print preferences to print.
Click on the print settings you wish to set to the default.
Click on OK.

Check for Print Spooler Service

The function of the Print Spooler Service is to manage print jobs running on your computer, as well as the connection between your printer and the computer. The Epson printer won’t function correctly until the service is switched on. To determine if this service is turned off or on you can follow the instructions below.

Use the Windows button and then the key R on your keyboard. This will open the Run box.
Complete it by typing in “services.msc” and then click on OK.
Simply double-click the Print Spooler in the opened Services window.
Change your Startup option to Automated and the service status is set to Running.
Click the button that says Start.
Enter and then perform test prints to determine whether the issue was resolved or not.

Clean the print queue

The Epson printer you have cannot be used because of its print queue since it’s locked. It is necessary to remove your print queue when this happens in order to print again. The steps you need to follow so that you can eliminate all printing jobs on your computer are like this:

Click on the windows and press the R key to invoke the Run box.
Input “services.msc” to open the Services window.
Click Stop under following a double-click on the print spooler
Click OK
Open the fileexplorer
Copy and paste “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS”.
Remove all the files from the folder that follows this route.
Double-click the Print Spooler in the window Services.
Click on Start and click OK.
Switch off the computer when you have closed all windows.
Let your printer run for at minimum an hour or two.
Connect the printer’s power cable back into the printer.
The printer should be turned off and the computer on.
Run a test print to determine if the printer functions well or not. Make sure to uninstall and install the Epson printer at the beginning.

Install/Uninstall The Driver

If you suspect that your driver may be the cause of an issue, or if it’s damaged then you should uninstall the driver by going to the list of programs installed and then uninstalling it. After you have removed the printer software, restart your computer and download the compatible application from the site and begin the setup process to set up your Epson printer.

Epson Printer Errors

A lot of Epson printer problems could result in some of the Epson printer errors to cause Epson printer to stop printing such as Epson error OX97 and you must resolve any printer issues prior to proceeding. Not all errors could be caused by hardware issues. Some problems may stem from software problems.


The greatest benefit of purchasing products from a well-known firm is that they have lots of customers who have used its products as well. In this case, this is a lot of users who are experiencing the same issue with the use of their Epson printers. Below are the methods which were initiated by those who experienced the same issue and have been able to fix it. None of these strategies need to be followed, simply move from the top to the bottom until you discover the method which is the most efficient for you.

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