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Why Go in For Corporate Health Checkup Packages?

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The employees are assets to any organization. A corporate health checkup package helps employees of a company manage risks to their health. Good health can help to reduce absence by illness and will boost the productivity of the business. It will show that businesses care for their employees.  Businesses all over the world have realized the value of health checkups and encourage their employees to go for corporate health screening. Health screening makes employees aware providing them with correct information about their health. This will motivate them to adopt healthy habits.

Different kinds of corporate health checkup packages 

  • Annual Health Checks – These are the corporate health checkup packages that can be availed by the employees at any time during a financial year. These packages can be custom-made on the basis of the requirements of the employees. These will usually differ according to the age and gender of the employees.
  • Onsite Health Camps – Businesses make corporate health screenings comfortable by organizing them in the workplace itself. This is the best choice for making maximum employees get checked.
  • Pre-Employment Health Screenings – Corporate health checkup packages are designed on the basis of their job profile.
  • Dependent Health Checks – Organizations enable their employees to get their parents, children, spouse, and any other dependents to get their health screened.

Why corporate health checkup packages are important? 

Most of the people who are in the age group of 25 – 35 are working professionals. Although they lead very stressful lives, they will avoid going for health check ups as they think they are perfectly healthy. This is because they cannot see any signs or symptoms of any diseases. However, this may not be true. Today’s lifestyle brings a lot of stress and anxiety with it. It is seen that many of the corporate employees get affected with chronic diseases, which are also called lifestyle diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer. In these cases, corporate health screening is very crucial.

Going for a corporate health checkup package will help in the management of a variety of health problems like high cholesterol levels, hypertension, obesity, unhealthy diet and many other issues that can lead to any long-term illness. It can be detected and employees may be able to overcome nagging health problems. The corporate health checkup packages are designed by physicians and are best suited for every company. 

Why businesses should give priority to corporate health screenings?

Health and safety are one of the most important objectives of any organization. A healthy workforce will help in all aspects of the organizational growth. Healthy employees are very crucial to the productivity of the workplace. A healthy workforce is seen to reduce absenteeism from work. Healthy workers are able to focus better and display a high level of efficiency. Pre-employment corporate health screenings have become mandatory in many companies. A number of companies request their new employees to undergo a full body health check-up. The pre-employment health check-up will help companies to hire the correct candidates as they will invest both time and money in them.

  • Regular health screenings not only help in saving a person’s life, money, and mental suffering but it is also helpful in saving tax as well.
  • A taxpayer is able to get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 5000 under section 80D of the IT Act for a health screening.
  • Corporate health checkup packages are very effective in protecting the health and wellness of the employee and also his family.
  • A healthy workforce will lead to high productivity and eventually, growth of the business as it results in boosting morale and reduces absenteeism. 
  • Corporate Health checkup packages will help in retaining the best employees.
  • Corporate health screenings show that the organization values the health of its employees.


The productivity of a company will rest completely on the performance of its employees. Hence, it is highly essential that the organization has to take care of the health and wellness of its employees. There is so much competition that employees tend to have a hectic work schedule with monthly deadlines as well as long working hours.  This kind of work culture can be very unhealthy and as a result, it is seen that many employees can develop chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc. These diseases may not show any signs and symptoms for a long time and tend to go unnoticed for a long time and may be discovered only after they become chronic. This is the time when the treatment may become complicated, expensive, and difficult to manage. To prevent this, regular corporate health screenings must be done so that undetected diseases can be diagnosed early and treated on time.  Employees should take advantage of the various corporate health checkup packages.

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