Virtual Trade Fair

What is a Virtual Trade Fair and its Advantages?


A Virtual Trade Fair is basically like a conventional trade fair only. The only dissimilarity is that it is held online expanding its reach across the continents. A digital trade show or fair is the online version of an event at which services and goods for a specific industry are exhibited. The presentation of these fairs can be as basic as an online directory or as complex as a virtual 3D world. In a 3D virtual trade fair, the exhibit halls are translated into a virtual world environment and represented in the form of colourful, attractive booths.

Why are the Virtual Trade Fairs in demand?

Virtual Trade Exhibitions are becoming the most popular means of selling goods and expanding the clientele. These events have been a great aid for businesses to boost their sales by leaps and bounds. Some of the reasons behind their growing demand are discussed here.

Cost and Time Efficient

This is the most pivotal point that has made these trade fairs popular. They allow the attendees to be part of the exhibition from the comfort of their own from any corner of the globe. This saves a lot of time for the people attending and also forgoes the expense of travelling. Attendees can enjoy the amenities of the virtual trade fair from different locations, just like a traditional show.

3D Presentation of Trade Fair

Since the increase in popularity of virtual trade fairs and due to ever-evolving technology, numerous web platforms like EventX, Hexafair, DREAMCAST, vFairs, GTR, 6Connex etc. are available in the market. You can choose one based on your budget, requirements, customer support and other relevant factors. Platforms like Dreamcast help you create an immersive virtual stage with attractive 3D designs, a virtual lobby, easy navigation, dynamic banners, and a multi-format content display. The team at Dreamcast helps you with detailed reporting & insights of your virtual trade fair event & measures the success of your event on various parameters like leaderboard challenge, feedback form, attendee footprinting, live polls & surveys, and robust event analytics and many more. They provide a 100% customizable, flexible platform with top-notch customer support.

Platforms like Dreamcast help you create a virtual environment that will customize the event booths to include exhibitor branding, create a diverse range of avatars to populate your virtual venue, captivate the audience with an animated 3D lobby and brand the lobby, auditorium and exhibit hall as per your needs and choice.

Business Expansion

The virtual trade fairs have proven to be a sure shot measure to rocket your sales. This is because it is the most convenient way to interact with customers from all over the world. You can exhibit your product or give live/ pre-recorded demonstrations as per the client’s demand from your online customized booth, which in turn will give the person complete know-how of the products and ease their decision of purchase. This is one of the best mediums to increase your sales exponentially. The better your presentation is, the better your sales are. You can also assign a senior executive to be present in your booth to resolve the queries of the buyers instantly and take down the orders. Another way to take orders is by building some virtual carts, wherein the customer can place their orders.

You can also get customized meeting rooms added to your trade fair, wherein the sellers and buyers can discuss their apprehensions before the purchase.

Data Collection

The virtual trade fairs are a superb means for collecting the data of potential buyers related to your industry. The software embedded in the web platform helps you generate leads for your business. It is quite difficult to collect these statistics during a live in-person event. So, the virtual trade fairs have an upper hand here. These trade fairs extend the seller’s geographical reach and provide them with extensive data based on visitor behaviour.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

The virtual trade shows to aid in better brand visibility and increased exposure, these benefits make it a cult above the onsite ones. In comparison to the conventional trade fairs, virtual trade fairs last for a longer time duration, which leads to the longer exposure of brands to the clients, imbibing their plus points in their minds. With offline trade shows, once the event is over it’s over. But with the online fair, attendees can access the same on-demand thus leading to better brand visibility and increased exposure.

Vast number of Participants

Unlike the traditional trade fairs where the venue can host a limited number of attendees, there is no restriction of the same whilst conducting a virtual trade fair or exhibition. Comparatively, a huge number of attendees can be a part of the show without any hassles because your location is not a constraint. You can be a part of the show from anywhere and any place on the planet. The larger number of participants can lead to higher sales for businesses and a wide variety of products for the clients to choose from.

Concluding Remarks:

Virtual trade shows generate way more business than conventional ones. The global outreach of the virtual trade fairs is the major USP of these events. The advent of technology has helped us create realistic-looking booths, reception areas, halls or lobbies for showcasing the products and services. The 3D interface keeps the attendees engaged and eases the process of navigation. The attendees can view demos, pick up literature and chat with sales representatives in real-time. Keynote speeches and seminars are delivered either in real-time or on-demand by videocast, podcast and webcast technology. A 3D virtual trade show requires specially designed software to allow exhibitors to build their virtual environment and this is where Virtual Property Show platforms like Dreamcast step in to deliver the same.

There has been a steep rise in virtual events like virtual trade fairs, virtual exhibitions, virtual job fairs, hybrid events etc. as these events are exceptionally cost-effective and can cover an abundant number of participants across the globe.

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