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What Does the Future Hold for Cloud Computing and AI


Are we going full cloud with help of artificial intelligent? No one who knows the future but we can predict. This is a very important question. But let us first understand what is cloud computing and AI. Cloud computing entails storing your data on another person’s machine. While AI is Machine simulation of human intelligence processes.

 The computer technology is growing in fast speed. The giant companies like Amazon and google are looking for the best possible technology for cloud services, that they can use AI to improve the cloud. However, this is a competitive world so the best technology the more efficiency and the better returns. The future of AI and cloud computing is bright.

Relationship between cloud and AI

The cloud existed without artificial intelligent but as we proceed incorporation of artificial intelligent make the cloud services more effective and effective. Because most types of hardware (laptops, cellphones) lack the computing capability to execute many AI applications efficiently, AI makes cloud computing more accessible. In addition, the cloud appears to be more suited to developing AI-based SaaS business models. You have the option of charging for each API call. It’s more difficult to price in a way that scales with use volume after your code is on your users’ devices. When your codebase is accessible on the smartphones of your customers, there are obvious hazards.

 Artificial intelligent in cloud computing

Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing is a rapidly expanding discipline that focuses on developing intelligent solutions for a wide range of businesses. Companies can employ AI Cloud Computing to construct dynamic apps by using Machine Learning and Statistical tools capable of performing complex computations. Artificial intelligent has come from far and it contribute a lot in computing world. Companies that use Cloud computing in basic like Amazon. They have really tried to use artificial intelligent to improve cloud service for making it more effective. There cannot exist a better system without incorporating artificial intelligent.

 Benefits of blending AI with cloud computing?

Many organizations would like to increase their sales, improve their company productivity and efficiency. There are various benefits that every company would consider. The following are benefits of artificial intelligent in cloud computing.

1.      Increased productivity and smart automation

AI can execute complicated data processing and analysis operations without the need for human participation, reducing employee workload and allowing them to focus on more strategic responsibilities.

1.      Analytics and handling of big dat

It enables businesses to create innovative solutions that quickly respond to client requests while analyzing massive data flows that conceal key business insights.

1.      Cost savings in general

Organizations may access AI-powered tools for a monthly fee through AI Cloud Computing, which not only improves overall efficiency and security but also allows companies to gain vital insights through AI-powered data analytics. Companies can employ AI Cloud Computing or IAAS platforms to take advantage of advanced AI and Cloud Computing capability without incurring the high expenses associated with traditional data centers and technology. According to Forbes, predictive AI can help businesses improve customer happiness.

Artificial intelligence in cloud computing has some drawbacks

 There some few drawbacks that will keep on appearing as the cloud computing advances in future. These factors are Network connectivity and data privacy. Will require a very fast network connectivity to upload the data over the cloud. Also because of the artificial intelligent algorithm used. We need good network management and connectivity. Data privacy is another factor that is worrying. It goes hand on hand with cloud security. There are various cloud security issues.

Why are artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing here to stay?

From early 2020 world experienced covid-19 pandemic. Due to the measure put across by many countries due to covid-19. Many organizations were able to improvise on computing on doing their business by help of internet. Covid-19 pandemic was a game changer. Many companies were in need of advanced cloud computing services to close the gap that still exist. This gave more space for wanting to improve the cloud services. Since this is the future. It is a clear signal that AI will be very important in advancing cloud computing services.

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