What Does a PNR Number Tell About a Train Trip

What Does a PNR Number Tell About a Train Trip?


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Understanding a PNR Number

A ten-digit PNR, or Passenger Name Record, is assigned by Indian Railway for every train ticket reservation. A single PNR number is allocated for each group reservation of up to six seats. If the ticket is purchased at a counter, the PNR number will be published in the upper left corner. On the other hand, if purchased online, it will be displayed in a separate cell.

The Uniqueness of PNR Numbers

Each PNR number is distinct due to the technique used in its creation. All the digits represent a distinct entity. While the first three digits identify the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) used to reserve the ticket, the next seven digits are produced automatically by the system to keep the PNR number unique. The first digit of individual PNR numbers signifies the zone (departure station). For example, one refers to the SCR Zone (Secunderabad PRS), while 2 and 3 correspond to the NR, NCR, NWR, or NER Zone (New Delhi PRS ).

Significance of PNR Numbers

  • You can obtain the PNR status of your RAC (Reserve against cancellation) or WL (Wait Listed) ticket through this number.
  • Once the ticket is verified, the PNR number provides details of the seat assignment and coach number against your reservation.
  • The PNR number is useful for deriving information about the reservation, including the price charged for the ticket, arrival and departure schedules of the train and more.
  • If the original ticket is misplaced or destroyed, getting a duplicate ticket is possible only with a PNR number.
  • If you are travelling with your PNR number, you can present it to the TC along with an identification to get your reservation confirmed. So it’s a great tool for all those forgetful travellers who leave their tickets at home!

PNR Status in Indian Railways

The PNR number is the only means to determine the PNR status of your ticket. If your ticket is confirmed, waitlisted, or RAC, it is shown by this status (reservation against cancellation). Although each passenger’s data is associated with the PNR, one cannot use this information to track the PNR status as it is classified data maintained in the Centre of Railway Information System (CRIS) database.

PNR Status Types

The system will display a brief summary of your ticket’s current status during your PNR status IRCTC enquiry.

To identify your status, you must understand what these acronyms mean:

CNF- Confirmed

RAC- Reservation Against Cancellation

WL- Waiting List

GNWL — General waiting list

RLWL- Remote location waiting list

PQWL- Pooled quota waiting list

TQWL- Tatkal waiting list

Classes of Travel and Codes

First class Air-Conditioned & Executive class in Shatabdi trains- 1A

AC 2-tier sleeper- 2A

First-class – FC

AC 3 Tier – 3A

AC 3 Economic- 3E

AC chair Car- CC

Sleeper Class -SL

Second Sitting – 2S

Enquiring a PNR Status

The PNR status checking feature has made it easy for commuters to track all booking details, ticket confirmation or cancellation details and berth details from their homes.

You can easily check your live IRCTC PNR status by using Railway PNR enquiry in the following ways:

  • Visiting the official Railways website.
  • Dialling 139 from your mobile.
  • Visiting the physical Railways enquiry counters.
  • Viewing the final reservation chart released three hours before the departure.
  • Using Rail enquiry app and website.

PNR Status Confirmation

PNR status confirmation probability is the likelihood that a ticket will change from its present “Not Available” state to a confirmed status. Once every seat has been confirmed and RAC tickets for a train have been sold, Indian Railway begins issuing waitlist category seats across all classes. These waitlist tickets are given priority depending on the cancellation of confirmed and RAC tickets. Seasons, holidays, weekends, and special occasions are other crucial factors. As soon as your ticket is confirmed, keep an eye on the train’s status.

PNR Number Validity

A PNR number only remains active for nine months before being deleted from the Railway database. The same PNR number can be used once more after a year.

You need your PNR number to seek out information about your train trip, including berth assignment, the current running position of your train and more. The real-time status update tool on your mobile device is an effective method to get live train information from practically anywhere.

RailMitra is a fantastic platform for organising your rail trip and keeping track of all the relevant details along the route. It comes with several smart functions such as checking the PNR status of IRCTC tickets, live train running status and more for a remarkable trip experience.

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