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What are the steps to follow hosting a product launch event?


Gone are the times when one would attend offline events by traveling across the oceans and mountains. Times have changed dramatically, and what is in trend and convenient are online events. From conferences to seminars, everything has gone virtual, and it is why product launches have shifted online. Not only this, virtual product launch events are more efficient, fast, and more impactful than offline events. 

It is why online product launch events have gained popularity in the past few months, and almost all big brands have chosen this format to launch their products. If you are also planning to launch a product, we suggest you go with the online format. Needless to say, it will help you reach a larger audience in less time, money, and brainstorming. 

However, if you are someone who has never tried this format of hosting events before, and looking for some guide, don’t worry. Here, we will take you through a complete guide of steps you should follow to ensure that you bring your product to the market with a bang. 

1. Understand the Market Well: 

It is always suggested to have a clear understanding of the market you are about to compete in. Have a clear understanding of the products that are working well these days, what they are offering, their USPs, and other things. Not only this, but you should also closely study the products that were introduced properly but couldn’t perform as per the expectation, and enjoyed short-term success. It is necessary to know the cause of their failure so that you don’t end up repeating the same mistakes. Moreover, you should have a close look at your competitors. The biggest mistake you can make while planning a product and launching it is underestimating your competitors. 

Therefore, while you are planning to step into the war zone, make sure you step in armored. 

2. Pick the Best Online Event Platform: 

The next thing you need to take care of while planning your product launch is choosing the right and most suitable event platform. As we all know online events are popular. Therefore, it completely justifies the abundance of event platforms we have in the market. Also, different platforms offer different features. But what matters is what kind of platform suits and meets your requirements. Picking any random online free webinar platform might cause you the success of your event. Also, your expectations might not meet reality. 

Hence, the first thing you need to do is make a list of the features you wish to have on the platform. Once you are sure of those features and are clear with your needs and requirements is when you should start looking for a platform. 

3. Pick the Right Date and Time for Your Event: 

Moving onto the next factor that is mostly overlooked by several organizers is the date and time you should pick for your event. One doesn’t realize that online events let us expand our horizons and tap into a global audience. However, one mistake that many organizers end up making is not considering different time zones while planning their events. It goes without saying that if you are planning to have international attendees or keynote speakers on your platform, you should schedule your event accordingly. 

Not only this, another mistake that several organizers make is they end up choosing the wrong date. It is suggested to go through calendars and ensure that the date you are picking doesn’t coincide with any significant event or festival, or holiday. 

4. Boost Interactivity at Your Event: 

While many of you won’t believe it, one of the biggest reasons people don’t like attending online events is they feel online events are lifeless. People think that online events don’t give them enough opportunities to interact with each other. It is supposedly due to the wrong choices organizers end up making in terms of easy-to-use webinar platforms. They choose platforms that come with fewer or no audience engagement tools. 

However, you should not repeat it and choose a platform that provides you with enough audience engagement tools and features. For example, look for one that offers live chat, live polls, 1:1 chat, etc. These tools will boost interactivity at your online event and make your online event feel like an offline one. Having such tools in your online event will also make your attendees feel included. Also, they will be able to put across their points of view clearly and easily. 

5. Take Feedback: 

While hosting your online event, you will always have the perspective of an organizer. And it will make it difficult for you to see the clear picture. It is the audience whose perspective will help you know how successful your event has been. Therefore, it is always important to collect attendees’ feedback. Not only this, it is a great step to boost the bonding between you and your attendees and gain their trust. 

Hosting an online product launch event is no rocket science. The only thing you need to do is have a well-planned strategy, as well as the best online webinar platform. Talking of the steps, we hope the blog has helped you with them. However, when it comes to the platform there are several options available in the market. The only thing you should consider is choosing the right platform for your event. 

Hence, choose wisely, and make a correct choice when it comes to the platform. 

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