After fatal combat, there have been new skirmishes between Armenia and Azerbaijan. During this conflict, numerous soldiers lost their lives in the fighting.

In the battles on Tuesday, More than 49 Armenian and 50 Azerbaijani military members were killed.

The fighting, which was attributed to the conflict between Yerevan and Baku, prompted a call for Peace from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Fears of a new major armed confrontation in the former Soviet Union have increased as a result of the conflicts, especially given that Russia's military is involved in the invasion of Ukraine.

The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan runs the potential of including nations like Russia and Turkey.

An essential route for oil and gas pipelines, especially as the conflict over Ukraine is generating supply shortages.

On Wednesday, the Armenian defense department accused Azerbaijan, which is supported both militarily and politically by Turkey, of unleashing a new onslaught with small arms, mortars, and artillery.

Unfortunately, bullets are being fired continuously at our positions, as reported by the defense ministry of Azerbaijan.

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