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Tea is one of the most cherished drinks eaten up across the world. If you are a tea lover, you would like to explore and test the diverse alternatives to be had inside the market. Twisted tea, as the call suggests, is a twist on your regular iced tea, which includes four-5% alcohol by way of extent as well as several flavoring elements. Click here

With a vibrant orange shade, this drink is available in a variety of flavors and is more inexpensive than wine and beer. You can get freshly smoothed lemon iced tea, half-element brewed tea, half lemonade, and malt alcohol. Also, you could get one-of-a-kind flavors like Jamun, Mango, Cinnamon, Peach, and many others.

Let’s find some more interesting topics like these here Twisted tea nutrition facts

Nutritional Content Of One Serving Of Twisted Tea

Nutrition information for 12 ounces (one hundred ml) serving length

calories 194

Calories from Fat zero (zero%)

Sodium eight.1mg 1%

Potassium 271mg 6%

Carbohydrates – 25.9g

Net Carbs 25.9g –

Sugar 23.Three g –

Vitamin C 2.8mg five%

Calcium 2.6mg 1%

If you want to relax with twisted tea, then there is a ramification of twisted teas available in the marketplace to quench your thirst and quench your thirst. Read on to realize more approximately the exceptional flavored twisted teas:

Twisted Tea Original Flavor:

The Original Twisted Tea is a mix of actual brewed tea and lemonade. This refreshing drink has an original taste and is right to share with friends. The alcohol content varies from four-five%. 12 ouncesOriginal Flavored Twisted Tea gives you 194 energy and 25.Nine grams of carbs. This crisp and refreshing taste can always be shared with your buddies as a welcome drink.

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Twisted Tea Half and Half Hard:

If you want that extra punch on your brewed tea, then Half and Half Hard are for you. It consists of half iced tea and half lemonade and has a greater highly spiced taste than the original one. It’s loaded with 215 energy and 30.Five grams of carbs.

Twisted Tea Blueberry Flavor:

Blueberry Twisted Tea combines blueberry flavor with greater clean filtered alcohol. The pungency of the brewed tea and suggestions of blueberry make you ask for more. This fresh mixture of blueberry taste, tea, and alcohol creates a clean drink that’s desirable to your taste buds. This taste is loaded with 205 calories and 28.2 carbs.

Twisted Tea Peach Flavor:

If you want to provide your taste buds with a fresh cooler, then Twisted Peach Tea is for you. It is prepared with the use of amber-colored brewed tea and a natural peach taste. Its clean flavor will make you ask for any other glass. It will go properly with the start of your desire.

Twisted Tea Mango Flavor:

If you’re a mango lover who loves tea, then this mango-flavored twisted tea will make you fall to your knees. With every sip, you get a very clean sweet taste of mango, but it is tea. This mango fruit twisted, the greater comfortable drink will have you ever requested greater. This notable drink is loaded with 195 energy.

Twisted Tea Cinnamon Flavor:

Cinnamon Twisted Tea is wealthy in cinnamon taste and affords you 450 calories and forty-five grams of carbs. You get that aromatic cinnamon flavor combined with iced tea and malted alcohol.

Twisted Tea Raspberry Flavor:

This wonderfully flavored twisted tea is the epitome of compassion. One sip of this lovely concoction will make your pals ask for extra. The best aggregate of wine, brewed tea, and raspberries make a perfect drink for any event. A standard serving of Raspberry Twisted Tea incorporates 209 energy.

Twisted Tea Blackberry Flavor:

It’s non-carbonated and certainly sweetened with brewed black tea and a hint of herbal blackberry taste. If you want to head for a wild adventure, then this hot fruit drink is a perfect drink to take alongside. 12 of these drinks are loaded with 205 energy.

Twisted Tea Passion Fruit Flavor:

This refreshing and smooth cooler is blended with iced tea, and natural sweetener and infused with authentic ardor fruit flavors with a tropical twist.

Important Notice:

Excessive consumption of alcohol is injurious to fitness. A pregnant woman needs to not drink alcohol as it could purpose congenital disabilities. Drinking and using is a deadly mixture that can endanger now not simplest your life but also the lives of others. Excessive consumption can motivate nausea, headache, and dehydration.

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