Top 7 SEO Keyword Research Tool You Should Use


What is the main job of an SEO specialist? It is to make a list of keywords used for its website. These words should be at par with the website’s content. Most often than not, these keywords are also competitive and popular, which means you want to make your site visible on search engine websites.

You need to have contents that are associated with these keywords. However, if you do not know what these keywords are? Do not worry because help is here! Here are some tools that can help you find out what keyword best suits your website.


SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that includes keyword research and SEO audit. This tool has an extremely intuitive interface that allows you to search for keywords by URL and seed keywords. It provides a wide range of metrics and filters, which allow you to find the most relevant keywords based on monthly search volume keyword difficulty, trends and CPC. 

Keyword Magic Tool is a great feature that SEMrush offers you easily generate thousands of long-tail keyword ideas by simply entering one keyword. It also shows the related questions people ask on Google regarding your target keyword. You can further use this information to create engaging content around those topics and improve your rankings in search engines.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool. It helps you find keywords for your business and helps you understand the popularity of keywords. With the help of this tool, you can easily determine which keyword will get more traffic for your blog or website.

Google Autocomplete:

Launch Google and type in one of your main keywords. Watch as Google starts suggesting related searches based on what other people have searched for in the past. Click on the down arrow next to each keyword to reveal more suggestions and go through them all until you find a keyword that is relevant to your content.

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Answer the Public:

To get started with Answer the Public, enter a keyword in the search bar. Then it organizes the keyword research data into visual representations of questions, prepositions, and comparisons. You can export this data by creating a free account. It is simple to use and provides an easy way to access what your audience is searching for.

Long Tail Pro:

Are you looking for a keyword research tool that will help you find low competition keywords, easy to rank keywords, and keywords that you can rank quickly? People who have a small business can buy long-tail pro keyword tools by using Longtail Pro Discounts to save money.. Long Tail Pro is one of the most popular and trusted keyword research tools. 

It helps thousands of bloggers or small business owners to find easy and profitable long-tail keywords that they can use in their SEO campaigns. The good thing about Long Tail Pro is its ability to handpick a group of highly relevant high, value keywords based on the seed keyword that you entered in the search criteria box. The best thing about this tool is that it helps find long-tail keywords and questions that are easy to rank in Google search results.

Uber Suggest:

Uber Suggest is a web-based SEO software that can help you find the best keywords and a list of useful information. It will provide you with unique search terms and related keyword ideas to help you optimize your website for search engines. Uber Suggest uses Google’s autocomplete data to generate keyword suggestions and provides more detail on each keyword, such as CPC (Cost per Click), monthly search volume, and competition level. 

With Uber Suggest, it’s easy to find new keywords or high-volume ones by typing in words related to your topic. This tool is also very helpful when researching competitors’ SEO strategies because you can see what keywords they’re targeting with their articles, making it easier for users and search engines alike to find them! There are many free tools available online, but none are better than this one because it gives an accurate view of how your website ranks compared to others who may have similar content or topics covered within their posts as well! With over 10 million downloads since its inception back in 2017, there must be something about this software that people enjoy so much about it.

Moz Keyword Explorer:

Moz keeps its important services up to date, and the Keyword Explorer tool is no exception. Pricing is for the whole package of services, which is perfect for agencies or organizations with many seats. Moz’s recent adjustments to its service offerings have received mixed to positive feedback. While this can be true of many search marketing vendor efforts, Moz is a firm that, as they have for over a decade, strives to stay on top of trends and provide cutting-edge solutions.


Above, we have told you about the top seven SEO keyword research tools that can help you to rank your websites. These keywords tools are free to use and some tools must charge, but you can use coupon codes for keyword research tools to save money. They have good reviews. So, use these keywords tools to rank your websites.

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