Top 60 Education Management Assignment Topics

Top 60 Education Management Assignment Topics        


Undoubtedly, asking students to write an essay on educational management would unsettle them. It is a fact that a topic like this requires thorough research and the essay you need to write must follow the right writing pattern. The planning stage is indeed the most important stage in writing a successful dissertation. A properly designed dissertation writes itself.

Therefore, the most important advice for students preparing to write a dissertation on educational management is to develop the best possible strategy. In addition, students need to be aware that many topics offered for the written examinations are already quite broad, so they need to be narrowed down and focused. It is important to remember that they should only be expanded a little.

The job performance of secondary school teachers in Aba South Local Government Area of State and the supervisory skills of administrators

  • The role of strikes in achieving union goals in a company (a case study of nuts)
  • The effect of bribery and corruption on students’ academic performance (a case study of IMT Enugu)
  • Secondary school classroom management and control issues
  • Educational administrators’ views on the employment of ICT in secondary school administration (a case study of use comprehensive college, Abuja)
  • The PTA’s function in elementary school management
  • The difficulties faced by administrators of private elementary and secondary schools in a few chosen institutions in Sagbama Lga in Bayelsa State
  • How guidance affects pupils’ academic performance
  • The academic achievement of secondary school students is influenced by the quality of the teachers and the workplace.
  • A case study of a few chosen secondary schools in the book local government region demonstrates the difficulties and traits of a successful teacher.
  • Effects of a videotaped instructional technique on students’ academic achievement in secondary schools
  • Management elements affecting pupils’ academic achievement in Port Harcourt Local Government Area in Rivers State Nigerian Private Secondary Schools
  • Evaluation of teachers’ contributions to classroom management in Nigerian secondary schools
  • In Nigeria, parents’ perspectives on elementary education for their kids
  • An assessment of counselling and guidance at federally funded colleges,
  • The influence of planning on the teaching and learning process
  • How curriculum creation for teaching and learning integrated science in junior secondary schools in Nigeria is affected by planning for instruction
  • An evaluation of instructors’ understanding of the test-construction process in senior secondary schools’ chemistry objective exam
  • A review of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) program’s implementation
  • Examining the difficulties instructors now face in teaching computer science in secondary schools in Nigeria
  • Examining the impact of the environment on kids’ academic performance
  • Evaluation of sites related to programme goals for business education
  • Elements that affect teachers’ efficacy in Nigeria’s public secondary schools
  • Higher education and workforce development: an evaluation of the University of Yola’s contributions
  • The connection between secondary school administrators’ leadership style and teachers’ job satisfaction
  • An investigation of teachers’ opinions of school inspectors’ supervisory behaviour is presented
  • Evaluation of the use and accessibility of e-learning technologies in tertiary institutions’ business education programmes
  • Difficult for secondary school principals to maintain student records effectively.
  • An evaluation of the University of Yo’s contributions to higher education and human resource development
  • Techniques for maintaining vocational and technical education labs and equipment better for efficient service delivery in tertiary institutions
  • How the benefits package for teachers affects their work happiness
  • Among first-year university students in Nigeria validated, Ginsberg’s hypothesis of career development.
  • A review of government support for adult literacy initiatives
  • Elements that determine how well academic records manage for students
  • Issues prevent secondary school principals from managing student records effectively
  • Motivators for adult learners to participate in programmes for functional literacy
  • Effects of English instructors’ qualifications on secondary school students’ success in external exams: a case study of a few schools in the Karu Local Government Area
  • The impact of administrators’ leadership philosophies on the work performance of secondary school teachers
  • Analysis of student teachers’ difficulties in Nigeria during practicum
  • Issues with educating children with physical disabilities in Nigeria (a case study from the college of education in Ekiadolor-Benin)
  • The resources, both human and material, that are available for senior high school teaching in Lagos State
  • Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State’s teachers’ attitude toward their jobs and the state’s award scheme
  • A case study of the Oredo Local Government Area in Edo State examines the function teaching sex education plays in junior high and secondary schools.
  • The significance of improvisation in the teaching of integrated science in a few chosen secondary schools in the region local government region
  • Nigeria’s secondary schools’ press clubs’ challenges and future potential

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