Top 50 E-Commerce Assignment Topics

Top 50 E-Commerce Assignment Topics     


Electronic trade is expanding. Over time, there has been an increase in online shops, which shows that society has accepted e-commerce. However, there is still a lot of development taking place in terms of technology, as well as in terms of market penetration and employment practices. We have developed some pertinent dissertation themes to help spark your study if you consider finishing your dissertation in e-commerce. To provide you with a wide range of options, the dissertation themes have been divided into several distinct core areas:

Approach to e-commerce Ideas for Dissertations

With the need and capacity for an organization to market its service or product, e-commerce has emerged as a vital means of company trade. It has emerged as one of the retail sector’s fastest-growing technologies. Although many tactics may be utilized to advance e-commerce, there is still a vacuum in the technology that underpins it. The unique selling proposition is one of the most crucial components of every organization. E-commerce is no different in this regard. Installing a successful and lucrative e-commerce strategy requires the capacity to recognize the USP. Sometimes the platform (the Internet) can contribute to the USP; for example, supermarkets may allow customers to order products online and have them delivered right to their doors. The customer must also believe they may purchase at their convenience without encountering difficulties while visiting an actual store. The USP, which relies heavily on the platform, may erode as the number of online retailers grows.

The following list includes potential e-commerce dissertation topics:

  1. A study of conventional businesses’ e-commerce tactics (Migration)
  2. A review of e-commerce tactics for start-up businesses
  3. An examination of Internet-based business methods for established companies (Migration)
  4. E-commerce tactics: By chance or design?
  5. What makes up an effective e-commerce strategy?
  6. A review of online branding tactics
  7. Using technology to gain a competitive edge
  8. How to use services to your benefit in e-commerce
  9. Organizational strategy and internal business processes for change management
  10. Business Process Reengineering: Is it Real or Just a Myth?
  11. A study of value development tactics for online businesses
  12. E-business strategy performance measurement (Case study)
  13. An examination and assessment of e-business knowledge management techniques
  14. A suggestion for a new approach to formulating e-business plans
  15. An e-business plan for a university (Case study or project)
  16. An SME’s e-business plan (Case Study/Project)
  17. A B2B company’s e-business approach.
  18. Examining payment processing model types
  19. How useful are social media in the e-commerce process?
  20. How can e-commerce techniques foster stronger relationships with customers?
  21. How significant is the USP for the consumer and the growth of e-commerce?

Marketing and advertising for online stores and enterprises Ideas for Dissertations

The growth of e-commerce requires the construction of a brand or organization. This is accomplished through the marketing and advertising channels at the organization’s disposal. An essential component of an e-overall business’s strategy is its marketing or advertising. Creating marketing and promotion for an organization has numerous difficulties, but the organization must remain visible to the consumer. The emergence of Internet marketing strategies like sponsored keyword placements, banner ads, and Web 2.0 tools that employ social networks as a platform for advertisements have all altered the way marketing and advertising function. To increase consumer and brand loyalty through e-commerce, platforms must be developed to better connect with customers. This may be done by developing the available promotional methods. Today’s wealth of information allows for precise client targeting based on profiles, networks, etc. To make the most of the chances available, one must have a solid understanding of the technological workings. Understanding that this digital form of word-of-mouth is essential to the organization and costs nothing is acceptable for building social media strategy. Organizations can contact more clients thanks to the Internet and social media.

The following are suggested e-commerce dissertation topics:

  • Search engine rankings’ significance for e-commerce
  • A search engine marketing plan
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Is there a place for both online and offline marketing in the e-commerce mix?
  • A comparison of pay-per-click and pay-per-impression models
  • A plan for e-business advertising (case study)
  • Analysis of the marketing plan of an e-commerce firm (case study)
  • Analytical Issues and Empirical Support for E-Commerce Marketing Strategies
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of online advertising (case study)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of e-commerce advertising (suggestion of a novel method or algorithm)
  • E-commerce sites’ client retention metrics
  • Customer behaviour analysis as a component of marketing strategy
  • What encourages returning clients to a web store?
  • Internet promotion for established retailers
  • Internet promotion for new (Internet-born) merchants
  • Internet marketing – fresh concept for a plan
  • How can social media be utilized to reach consumers with marketing and advertising?
  • How crucial is digitalized word-of-mouth for online brand promotion?
  • Brand loyalty, the impact of the Internet on e-commerce and marketing

Trust and Security Dissertation Subjects

In e-commerce, trust and security are crucial challenges. Security concern is one of the main perceived risks associated with e-commerce. In e-commerce, there are two sources of security and trust threats: the threat of third-party assaults on transactions that are really between a retailer and a consumer and the threat of dishonest businesses to customers. To foster a better security environment, it is now crucial for organizations and their online presence to identify the risks and threats to security. Customers are increasingly knowledgeable of security concerns, particularly those related to banking and the development of secure networks for online shopping.

An outsider attacks ideas for Dissertations.

The risk of assaults by outside parties is constant. For fraud, hackers could conceive to access personal knowledge on net servers, together with Mastercard numbers, checking account numbers, and even personal info. The prevalence of this hazard has increased with the event of latest digital technologies. Retailers’ area unit needed by law to safeguard any personal info they get. SSL, firewalls, intrusion detection, and alternative technologies area unit all utilised to safeguard the web site from unauthorized access. Lax shopper security conjointly makes assaults by outside parties easier.

Here are a unit some samples of relevant e-commerce treatise topics:

     41. Important analysis of latest technologies supporting e-commerce security

  • Analysis of previous assaults and also the vulnerabilities that enabled them

43.Firewalls: security flaws and potential attack vectors

  • Security flaws and potential attack methods – SSL
  • However well trendy intrusion detection technology works
  • Important assessment of a website’s security procedures
  • Critical appraisal of a website’s firewall pointers
  • The final public’s perception of security
  • Security education
  • Progressive encoding.

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