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Top 10 University To Pursue Ph.D. In Social Science In The UK


The social sciences investigate the connections between people and societies. Anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, linguistics, politics, psychology, and sociology are among the disciplines that fall under this category. If you earn a social science degree in the UK, you’ll be prepared to shape the future with your skills. The study of social sciences naturally leads to jobs that have a significant positive impact on society.

Ph.D. programs are research-based. They allow you to learn as you navigate the challenges of a specific problem. A group of supervisors selected for the specific topic supports each research degree student. Students will be asked to present their work in front of other students and faculty members who are engaged in parallel research throughout all years of study.


These Are The 10 Universities to Pursue a Ph.D. in Social Science in the UK

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), which was established in 1823, is among the top 600 universities in the world and draws personnel and students from more than 100 nations. There are several research-related courses available, including MPhil, and Ph.D. Liverpool John Moores University is very accommodating to postgraduate students, regardless of their age or motivations for resuming their education. Both the campus and the city are top-notch locations for higher education, with top-notch amenities to improve the postgraduate student experience.

London School of Economics and Political Science

One of the top colleges in the globe that specializes in social sciences is the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), which is situated in the heart of London. It is renowned for its extremely diverse student body, which comes from roughly 140 different nations. The anthropology, geography, history, economics, and international relations courses fall under this category. Additionally, a variety of graduate courses are available for those who want to do research in these areas. The university produces a podcast once a month that features interviews with top social scientists.

The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a multi-national institution that belongs to the Russell Group, the European University Association, and the AMBA, three of the top research-focused UK universities. The University of Exeter puts out great effort to foster a friendly, diverse, and engaging postgraduate student community, explains, Peter, a writer at Ph.D. Dissertation Writing Services the UK.

The institution provides postgraduate students with a distinctive environment where they can be courageous while understanding that they have support and grow in a variety of personal and professional capacities. 5,600 of the university’s 27,000 students, who come from more than 150 countries and attend its three main sites spread out across the South West, are postgraduate students. Penryn Campus is situated in Cornwall, while St Luke’s and Streatham Campuses are also established in Exeter.

The University of Bradford

The University of Bradford is a forward-thinking organization that aspires to improve society by embracing technology-focused teaching strategies and practical research. The institution makes significant investments in its buildings, and its campus in the city center was constructed with sustainability in mind, employing hemp-based building materials, food gardens, and even on-site beehives. There are numerous internationally renowned research groups performing ground-breaking studies into some of the most important topics in society and business, as well as both taught and research degree programs, at the University of Bradford.

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University is located by the sea in southwest England, only two hours by rail from London. It provides over 90 taught Master’s courses in addition to various research programs. A whopping 16% of its students are graduate students. Across its faculties, Bournemouth University provides a variety of postgraduate research degrees in addition to teaching Master’s courses in 17 different academic areas. The Doctoral College oversees research; 94% of it was determined to be internationally recognized or above, and 19% of it was evaluated as having world-leading quality by the Research Excellence Framework.

University of Cambridge

Seven primary institutions make up the University of Cambridge School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, encompassing history, human, social, and political science as well as history and philosophy of science.

The school offers a variety of social science courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including geography, law, linguistics, and human, social, and political sciences (HSPS). Students learn many approaches throughout all courses, including ethnography, quantitative analysis of large data, analysis of material culture, and historical societies.

University of Oxford

PPE, or philosophy, politics, and economics is arguably the most well-known degree in the social sciences offered at the University of Oxford. Many British prime ministers attended Oxford to study PPE. Malala Yousafzai, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and a supporter of women’s education, just completed the program.

In addition to PPE, undergraduate social science courses in geography, archaeology, anthropology, law, and human sciences are available. Additionally, a variety of postgraduate courses in research and instruction are available in the social sciences, such as history, conservation management, international relations, and sociology. One of the largest groups of social scientists in the world is regarded to be the University of Oxford Social Sciences Division. Research is done in a variety of fields, such as resource management, conflict resolution, conflict resolution, conflict resolution, and poverty and development.

University of Manchester

The School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. It is a place where research has an international impact, where students receive exceptional teaching and learning, developing into employable graduates, and where all activity is enriched by a commitment to social responsibility and the benefits we bring to society and the environment. There are classes in sociology, economics, law, philosophy, political science, and social anthropology. Additionally, Ph.D. programs are offered.

The institution is home to many centers and institutes that support social science research. These include the Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis and the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research.

University of Bath

One of the top 10 universities in the UK, according to the Complete University Guide 2023, is the University of Bath. The university has a reputation for superior teaching and research, a friendly community, and for giving students excellent preparation for the workforce.

World-class research conducted by academics and research students at one of the university’s many interdisciplinary research centers has an impact on the postgraduate courses that are taught.

The institution offers highly specialized postgraduate programs aimed to advance students’ academic understanding while giving them marketable skills. The university also provides students with chances to broaden their skill sets in fields other than academia. For instance, students can take a language course or participate in workshops on written and spoken communication.

University College London

One of the biggest and best-known institutions of higher learning in the world, University College London (UCL) carries out outstanding research in a variety of fields. It has inspired and educated innumerable brains throughout its lengthy and illustrious history, and it has produced 30 Nobel laureates, says, Shipra, an Online Assignment Help from London.

More than 600 postgraduate taught, research, and teacher training programs at UCL have been developed, covering a wide range of subject areas. Students are encouraged to work outside traditional academic lines to allow for idea-cross-pollination and a greater connectedness between fields. The institution is highly known for the amount and excellence of its research output.

To Sum Up…

Although some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world are located in the United Kingdom, a Ph.D. study is more than just a matter of reputation and age. With a new approach to Ph.D. training and considerable financing available to students from all backgrounds, British research programs are thankfully also cutting-edge and world-leading.

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