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The latest milestone of e-mobility:BMW 7 Series


The first production cars of the new BMW 7 Series have been rolled off the production line at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing. In its dual debut, the new flagship BMW is built not only with a highly efficient internal combustion engine but also an all-electric BMW i7.  Milan Nedeljković, Member of the BMW AG Production Management Board: “Our new BMW 7 Series is the world’s first luxury sedan to offer customers a choice of three driving styles. Whether it’s all-electric, combustion, or soon-to-be hybrid, we have the flexible production structure and unique integration skills we need to efficiently manufacture such a wide range of drives. 

More than 300 million euros have been invested in the Dingolfing car factory 

The BMW Group has invested more than 300 million euros in preparation for the construction of the Dingolfing vehicle plant for the production of the  BMW 7 Series. In the future, their largest European factory is increasingly being converted into a BMW Lean practice plant. . Green. Numerical approach. For the first time, the BMW Group is testing automated operations in the production environment of newly manufactured BMW 7 Series vehicles, thereby optimizing assembly processes and factory logistics. 

The latest milestone on the road in terms of e-mobility

With production underway, once sales organizations have received the show and demo vehicles they need, the new BMW 7 Series will be available to customers worldwide this fall. In particular, the  BMW i7 marks the next step in the BMW Group’s campaign to electrify the luxury segment, for which Dingolfing has become synonymous. Today, the BMW i7 is the final stop on our journey. 

Milan Nedeljković put much emphasis on factories. For example, he said cars like the BMW 7 Series are for change due to the technology developing innovatively.   With their innovative technologies, cars like the BMW 7 Series are catalysts for change – even in our factories,” emphasizes, emphasizing Milan Nedeljković. strong that they involve innovations not only in product but also in production. “The conversion of Dingolfing into a BMW iFACTORY is on the rise,” adds Christoph Schröder.

Flexibility and universality of smart logistics solutions 

The lean aspect is realized to a large extent at the Dingolfing factory thanks to the flexible arrangement of production structures. Christoph Schröder said that their architecture provides them with the transactional flexibility they need to switch between different drive models, and the volume flexibility to respond quickly to rapidly changing needs. And flexibility in ordering to accommodate the closest minute changes a customer can request days before their vehicle is manufactured. At Dingolfing, flexibility is simply part of our DNA.

Environmental-friendly Investment in Sustainable Manufacturing 

The green look of the BMW factory and the sustainable production of the Dingolfing plant is achieved through a series of measures. These include sourcing 100% green energy, reusing hundreds of existing production robots in the body workshop, and reducing resource consumption in the paint shop. In addition, Dingolfing now has a recycling quota of over 90% and an even higher reuse quota of over 99%. By 2021, this has brought the total remaining waste down to just 580 grams per car produced.  

Digital. Automatic camera quality control with AI.

Intelligent digital solutions are used in all areas of production at the BMW Group Dingolfing plant, especially in vehicle assembly – whether virtual training, smart scanners, control AI-based automated quality, or autonomous driving with newly manufactured vehicles.  When it comes to AI, the BMW Group has demonstrated its pioneering qualities with the AIQX (Artificial Intelligence Quality Next) project, which uses sensors and AI to automate the quality process and capture data for assessment. real-time backend using algorithms and AI.  

Automated Driving 

The production of the new 7 Series is also using a high potential digital innovation for assembly and factory logistics at BMW Group plants and distribution centers: autonomous driving in the factory.  As part of the digitization strategy, the AFW project will be tested at Dingolfing from July and will see the new BMW 7 Series automatically roll over 170 meters from the first ignition zone and Initial testing during assembly to the factory arrival area. 


The Dingolfing factory in Lower Bavaria has been the home of top-of-the-line BMW 7 Series cars since 1977 and is currently producing the seventh generation. To date, the Dingolfing plant has produced a  total of more than 11 million BMW cars, with a new production milestone planned for this year: the two millionth BMW 7 Series.

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