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The Do’s And Don’t Of Logo Design For Your Business


There are numerous factors that need to be taken into account and put into practice in order for a logo to make sense, grab the attention of the target audience, and stand out. Logo design is more complicated than just coming up with something that looks nice.

Besides the qualities of good australia logo designs, you can be as creative as you want. But there are some basic do’s and don’ts that you need to consider before you start designing a brand logo. It will help you to design a relevant and relatable logo.

5 Do’s of Good Logo Design

You must master branding when you initially launch your company. To leave a lasting impact on the clients you want to draw, you must establish a strong brand for yourself right away by designing an impactful logo.

Identify Your Audience And Conduct Research

Your brand’s and logo’s key objective should be to draw in your primary target market. They ought to find your logo visually appealing. Although you could believe a certain typeface or color is attractive, your clients or potential customers might not agree. You’ve taken the incorrect path if your logo doesn’t grab the attention of your clients or consumers.

As your first step in creating a logo, specify who your target market is. To design the ideal logo that is sure to grab their attention, research their hobbies and online behaviors.

An excellent approach to achieving this is to look into the fanbase of your rivals. Investigate each user’s social media profile to discover the content types they interact with the most. Find out specifically who they follow and what feeds those accounts have by digging further. That could be the approach you should use if the bulk of the people who are your target audience follow simple, minimum feeds.

Ensure Legibility

When designing a logo, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the viewer will only see it for a few seconds. In order to give your audience as much time as possible to remember your brand, your logo should be simple.

Customers won’t interact with your brand even if you have the most attractive logo and catchiest design. For this reason, you must make sure that your brand name is simple to read. Check your logo several times, and if you have trouble reading your brand name, change the font to one that is easier to read.

Logo Variation Designs

Making square, vertical, and horizontal versions of your brand logo will ensure that it will fit in every location where it will be used. It is crucial to ensure that your brand logo looks nice in every situation and setting when you create it.

When designing your logo, you should also consider color. You should make different color versions of your logo for black-and-white printing, one color, and consider the various contexts in which your logo will be used and what color will work best in each. To make things more clear, you should indicate all of these details and indications in your brand style guide.

Keep it Simple

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, the visitor will only have a brief moment to examine your brand’s logo. You should take advantage of this little window of opportunity to make it simpler for the audience to remember your logo design.

The pursuit of originality and creativity can frequently lead to the unnecessary complexity of situations. Simple logos work best. This doesn’t imply that the designers who created them abandoned originality, but they also didn’t overcomplicate things. To emphasize just one aspect of a logo’s design is a standard design practice. just one Ensure simplicity.

Importance of Colour Theory

When observed, colors frequently elicit a range of emotions and sentiments. Learn what emotions each hue elicits by studying color psychology.

For instance, because yellow and red are known to arouse hunger, fast-food restaurants frequently use such colors. Many social media companies use blue in their branding or logos because it evokes feelings of trust, tranquillity, and harmony.

When people see your brand, what emotion do you want them to experience? You may select the appropriate colors for your target demographic once you’ve determined this.

Yellow is known to make people feel hungry, but it also makes them feel happy and optimistic. Pink and purple are often connected with compassion and love, while green and purple can conjure up feelings of nature and personal progress. The right colors will help you convey the emotions you want your customers to feel.

5 Don’ts of Good Logo Design

When it comes to logo designing, the creator has all kinds of choices. However, there are some practices that might spoil the impression of your logo.

Avoid Too Much Detailing

As we’ve already established, logos aren’t supposed to be difficult or elaborate. Simple is best!

Be careful not to overuse color or to make it appear to be an expensive piece of art. Overly many text or numerous typefaces combined in your logo will be too distracting and cause consumers to focus on the wrong parts of your brand. The scalability of your logo will also be impacted by adding too many parts.

When it comes to marketing in general, details are frequently excellent, but you need to know when to hold back. Logos shouldn’t have complicated patterns on them. They don’t demand lengthy, meticulous drawings. Instead, save the specifics for your website design! Consider keeping your logo simple.

Don’t Copy Other Brands

Copying other businesses or brands is obvious plagiarism and will get you a lot of bad press. Setting oneself distinct from the competition is the goal of branding. Copying other companies won’t help you stand out from the crowd if you desire to do so.

Despite the fact that this advice may seem apparent, it is crucial to advise younger businesses to avoid duplicating popular brands. Getting ideas from others and copying them are two very different things. Additionally, it’s a poor strategy for establishing your reputation in the field.

Don’t Change Your Logo Too Often

In order to maintain consistency and ensure that your brand logo is identifiable, you should preserve your logo as much as possible and don’t touch it if it’s already ideal. A good logo design should be timeless and make your brand known through the ages.

Customers will become confused if you frequently modify your brand’s logo since they won’t be able to recognize your company if you’ve made significant modifications. And don’t forget that when you redesign a logo, you may make little adjustments to improve it while preserving the original’s style and appearance.

Avoid Following Trends

Graphic design is a constantly evolving field, so it’s critical to keep up with emerging trends and styles. While some trends can become iconic and last for years, many others will fade away the following year, so it’s better to avoid them when creating your brand’s logo because they can go out of style very quickly.

Get inspired by current graphic design trends rather than just imitating them, but keep your eye on the goals you have for your logo’s design, as well as the brand values and message you want to convey.

Don’t be Too Literal

If you take your logo design too literally and include obvious features, you risk coming up with a plain and uninteresting logo that won’t set you apart from your rivals. Use color psychology and shape psychology to convey different feelings when designing a brand logo. If you want to see different types of logo designs, check out this post. Be more creative when designing a brand logo and explore different ways to communicate your purpose and brand values without being too literal. 

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To ensure the quality of your logo, it is important to engage a qualified logo designer when your budget allows. Make a unique logo request to your designer to generate one for your website. Since it is your business, you want to present a professional icon for your startup. However, remember these informative suggestions to ensure that you and your designer are on the same page.

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