The 50 Best Topics for Surveying Work - (2022-2023)

The 50 Best Topics for Surveying Work – (2022-2023)



Topics and resources for surveying projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For dissertations, theses, and essays in the field of surveying, there are research projects, seminar themes, proposals, titles, ideas, and resources accessible.

Here is a list of research project subjects for students studying surveying who are OND, HND, BSC, PGD, MSC, and PhD candidates.

  1. Assessment of quantity assessing companies’ strategies for surviving in a slumping economy
  2. An assessment of how organizational culture affects the performance of Nigerian quantity surveying companies.
  3. The identification of anomalies in real-time kinematic (rtk) GPS observation
  4. An assessment of the elements influencing the price of industrialized buildings and traditional building systems in Nigeria
  5. Evaluation of the variables reducing the efficiency of cost estimate preparation at the design stage
  6. Research into the construction sector in Nigeria’s use of total quality management (TQM).
  7. A study of Nigeria’s trends in building costs
  8. Evaluation of the variables preventing an accurate cost estimate from being created at the tile design stage
  9. A comparison of the life cycle costs of various roof materials used in residential building construction
  10. Research of knowledge management (km) usage in the Nigerian construction sector
  11. A study of quantity surveyors’ opinions on facilities in the Nigerian region of the Niger delta
  12. As-built analysis of a medium-density design
  13. Technology’s impact on the area of quantity surveying. How it impacts labour, cost, and time
  14. Evaluation of the variables influencing contractors’ bids for Nigerian building projects
  15. A study of design mistakes and how they affect the initial cost of a building project.
  16. The effect of cost-control methods on the completion of building projects
  17. How well-planned contracts affect its contractors.
  18. The impact of timely completion of building projects on Nigeria’s economic growth
  19. The potential for human resource management to boost productivity in the construction industry.
  20. How labour motivation, costs, and productivity affect the Nigerian construction sector.
  21. A study of quantity surveyors’ risk management procedures in Nigeria’s construction sector
  22. Analysis of the effect of a feasibility or viability assessment on the development of capital projects in Nigeria
  23. Using geoinformatics tools to prevent floods in Nigeria’s vulnerable structures and roads
  24. The function of legal assessment in Nigerian contract tenders.
  25. An assessment of how organizational culture affects the performance of Nigerian quantity surveying companies
  26. Studying quantity surveyors’ opinions on facility management in the Nigerian region of the Nigeria delta
  27. As-built analysis of a moderate layout
  28. How technology is affecting cost, labour, and time in the profession of quantity surveying
  29. How well-planned contracts affect contractors’ profits
  30. The potential for human resource management to increase productivity in a construction organization
  31. Evaluation of the effect of workplace conditions on the output of competent construction workers
  32. A study of mortgage institutions’ role in Nigeria’s ability to provide sustainable and affordable housing.
  33. The impact of population increase on the use of land resources
  34. An analysis of the difficulties and potential of Nigeria’s 2007 Public Procurement Act in carrying out building projects.
  35. Review of the difficulties and opportunities presented by Nigeria’s 2007 Public Procurement Act in carrying out building projects
  36. A study of how mortgage institutions in Nigeria affect the availability of affordable and sustainable housing
  37. A study of design mistakes and their effect on the initial cost of a construction project
  38. An examination of the dynamics of FDI inflows into the Nigerian construction industry
  39. Constructing a unified framework for Nigerian building trade skills training
  40. A review of the elements that work against the efficient application of formal risk management methods in project delivery
  41. A review of Nigerian building consultancy businesses’ preparedness to implement lean construction techniques
  42. An empirical analysis of block-laying labour outputs
  43. Using hierarchical analytical processes for risk identification and assessment in home-building projects
  44. An analysis of Nigerian construction companies’ use of performance measurement.
  45. A determination of the labour output for wall tiles using empirical data.
  46. An empirical assessment of the amount of labour produced by the Nigerian building sector in the area of painting.
  47. Evaluation of stakeholder management techniques used in building projects for the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (get fund).
  48. Evaluation of the knowledge management skills of Nigerian quantity surveying companies.
  49. Evaluation of organizational leadership in the Nigerian construction sector for knowledge management practice.
  50. Calculating labour output for mending windows and doors

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