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The 5 Most Popular Mobile App Design Developer’s Tools in 2022

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Mobile phones have become a status symbol showing luxury and an essential communication tool in the modern world. Though mobiles apps were invented to lessen the gap between families and friends, with time, they evolved into something greater, helping businesses prosper by providing access to their products and services to the audience. It was possible because of the mobile apps that made the usage of smartphones easy. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say the mobile app design was the main factor in its success that connected businesses and users.

The mobile app development services increased over time. The devices came either with pre-installed apps leveraging phonebooks, games, calculators, and others, while the others had to be downloaded from the Play Store. Since various operating systems require different apps with specific features and functions that only work for that platform. It means an iOS app cannot be used on an Android platform as the codes are very different. However, with advancements in technology and increased experimentation, cross-platform apps have revolutionized the mobile app industry. It enabled organizations or developers to create apps for both operating systems using a single codebase.

What is a mobile app design?

Mobile app development plays a crucial role in today’s world, where major work has shifted to mobile devices. Besides this, companies are automating repetitive tasks with apps that allow them to monitor remotely. Hence, increasing the concept of smart working. But often, we fail to realize that it is because of a mobile app design that the device becomes popular. The more unique and highly responsive an app will be, the greater its demands will be, making it crucial for businesses to focus on the app’s design.

The mobile app’s design combines all the features and functions of a mobile phone to improve usability, engagement, accessibility, and user experience. The app design should offer a user-friendly interface that customers easily understand. It is one of the many reasons that customers or businesses opt for Android apps rather than an iOS platform. It even includes the fonts, colors, typography, and graphics that make the app look appealing. Moreover, the mobile app development services cost varies accordingly. An app with more functions and features tends to be more expensive than a simple one with basic functionalities. Thus, when businesses choose apps, they need to be clear about the features or operations they are looking for in an app.

5 Mobile Application Design Tools

  1. Sketch

Developers are always searching for mobile app design tools to create easy-to-use apps. Sketch is one of the many lightweight design tools for designers that create interactive UI/UX designs. This user-friendly MacBook is similar to Adobe Photoshop. However, it focuses more on app prototyping with its fine the highest wireframe space. It is a 20-megabyte file that needs to be downloaded, but it doesn’t use many resources of the operating systems and exports the assets much faster than other tools.

The tool is a one-time purchase that needs to be renewed yearly to access its advanced features. Since it doesn’t have the animation option, designers combine Sketch with other various tools like Adobe Illustrator to edit pictures.

  • Zeplin

Zeplin is a mobile app development service, designing and collaborating tool for developers and designers to create advanced apps for businesses. The tool uploads wireframes and visual designs directly from Sketch or Photoshop to add into its folder. One of the most challenging tasks in app development is creating product specification files and reiterating them regularly. But Zeplin eliminates this step, leveraging designers to only focus on the app’s design to make it a success. Here the developers wait until the app gets designed before getting the specifications. Lastly, in Zeplin, the iterations can be done simultaneously, decreasing the number of iterations for each project.

  • BuildFire

Another app design tool, BuildFire, is an end-to-end platform that enables app developers or agencies to build a prototype of the apps. The tool offers customizable functionality that lets users add their own fonts, colors, designs, etc. Its build-in app functionality leverages the designers with an all-in-one solution, allowing them to publish the app directly to the Apple or Google Play Store from the platform.

What could get better than developing prototypes and similar apps for iOS and Android users and testing them on mobile devices for free? However, you need to pay once the app is complete and is ready to be published. Besides this, BuildFire design templates allow designers to focus on UI design only. Plus, companies can gather user feedback through push notifications which helps them develop next-generation apps.

  • Marvel

Marvel is one of the finest mobile app design tools that take part in designing, prototyping, and collaborating. It goes beyond the basic designing rules and synchronizes your designs with various tools like Photoshop, Sketch, or cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. After adding the designs from different sources, designers can use this tool to animate them, making the designs come to life. Since it is a user-friendly tool, companies do not need to hire experts to animate the designs, saving them time, cost and effort.

  • Adobe Experience Design (XD)

App designers who do not use Sketch often use Adobe XD, making it a competitor. The PC fans often look for Sketch but get limited access as it only supports Mac can choose XD. It enables businesses with basic app features like wireframes and prototypes. Moreover, it is faster than any other app tool, making it easy to use. It even supports Windows 10. Hence, seeing its vast feature list and functions, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say it will beat Sketch in the near future.

Mobile app development needs the time and patience to create modern apps integrated with robust technologies. Since the development and design process can be lengthy, each step needs to be carefully planned and implemented. Here the mobile app design plays the main role in attracting users with its UI/UX design. However, designers should bear in mind to create easy-to-use apps while looking stylish. In this case, there are hundreds of app design tools available to smoothen the designing process.

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