Taycan’s world tour supports Switzerland’s integration project


The arrival of a fully electric sports car at every stop will mark the start of local sustainability projects focused on empowerment and education in the areas of environment, health and integration. society. After its first stop at Porsche Leipzig, the Porsche Taycan is heading to Switzerland. Porsche Schweiz AG is committed to mobility and is further expanding its commitment to social inclusion. The Porsche brand embodies the idea of ​​​​making dreams come true and the desire, with this project, to help people with disabilities walk long distances.

Information from websites that not everyone can explore Swiss nature on a hiking trail. Hiking routes are rarely accessible to people with disabilities and are often impassable for the blind or partially sighted. To make it easier to overcome obstacles such as bodies of water, cattle gates, barriers and ladders – and thus, make hiking accessible to everyone – Porsche Schweiz AG partners with Procap Schweiz, the organization’s largest disability support and for people with disabilities. in the Swiss language. The common goal is to achieve inclusion through mobility and, by doing so, promote social interaction.

Barbara Frenkel is a Member of the Executive Committee for Purchasing at Porsche AG and, together with Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board for Production and Logistics, is responsible for the sustainability strategy: Social commitment is an integral part of it. in our sustainability strategy, alongside ecological and economic criteria, she said. Porsche considers itself as a partner of society. Mobility is synonymous with freedom and independence. They want to make this a reality for people who don’t cross barriers easily. 

Michael Glinski, CEO of Porsche Schweiz AG adds that they wanted to create added value with this long-term social project and raise awareness of the everyday problems of people with disabilities in society. This is not only a matter of financial support but also a joint project that combines the knowledge and active support of Porsche. Our efforts also encourage our employees to volunteer as tandem partners for trips or to help expand hiking trails.

There are 1.8 million people with disabilities in Switzerland. In other words, one in five people has difficulty in daily life, said Laurent Duvanel, President of Procap Switzerland. “In our opinion, there needs to be an even greater commitment to accessibility in Switzerland, so we are very excited about the partnership with Porsche and in particular that Porsche not only supports us financially but also professionally. A good example of this is the way Porsche employees help us with university projects like electric wheelchairs. Their expertise in the fields of electromechanical and light construction shaped the execution of this project.

Procap has been in the accessible hiking sector for some time and has worked with SchweizMobil and local sponsors to create 78 barrier-free hiking trails in Switzerland for people with reduced mobility as well as the blind and visually impaired. Detailed descriptions of these accessible trails are available at www.schweizmobil.ch. Porsche plans to support Procap in the addition of hiking trails as well as in other areas: beyond accessibility, the focus will be on experiences, the companionship of parallel partners and learning. Ask each other to raise awareness.

For all projects under the Join Porsche Ride banner, Porsche always strives to ensure verifiable, quantifiable and measurable effects. That way, the collaborating partners can assess their long-term positive influence on the behavior and living conditions of target groups.

About Porsche:

Porsche is the most successful manufacturer of exclusive sports cars and has an excellent reputation. This success is based on the desirability of the means, but not least, by a unique corporate culture shaped by integrity and compliance. And it will stay that way. All directors, management body members, managers and employees make their daily efforts to contribute under the motto:
Sporty and fair – that’s what Porsche is all about.

Integrity in Business Life:
Porsche upholds strong values ​​such as fairness, responsibility, mutual respect and trust, transparency, openness and ethics. Long-term business relationships should be established and maintained conflicts should be resolved openly, mistakes should be overcome in the direction of a solution and belief in leadership and reliable cooperation is guaranteed.

Responsibility for Compliance:
Driving legally is an expected daily activity at Porsche and an important condition for the company’s success. Porsche complies with applicable laws in all countries of operation. Senior management acts as the compliance model and employees comply with applicable rules and regulations. Enforcement will be applied consistently if the law is violated or the company’s internal guidelines are violated.

Whistleblower System:
Porsche rejects any form of corruption, corporatization, money laundering or any other white-collar crime and does not tolerate any illegal behavior on the part of employees or other third parties, such as customers or business partners. violations of Porsche employees. Submission of advice helps Porsche prevent damage to its business and identify misconduct.

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