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Steps to Activate McAfee Subscription Via Retail Card in 2022


McAfee antivirus configuration, McAfee Corporation earlier known as McAfee Associates is an American security software firm located in Santa Clara, California. This is an alliance of Intel as well as TPG capital, in which Intel owns 49% of the stake. However, the company was founded on the 15th of July 1987 by John McAfee.

McAfee antivirus software comes with security features that protect your system from malware, viruses, and cyber-attacks. This software runs on integration and an automated platform that allows you to address all security problems like activate my mcafee antivirus

Basic Requirements to visit and enter Mcafee My Account

You can access to Mcafee’s My account by Login with your valid email address and password. If you have an Internet connection, this can be way easier to go. When you try to enter your Mcafee account, make sure you are registered with the official Mcafee site. To log in to your Mcafee account, follow these simple steps

  1. Open the Internet browser.
  2. Use your appropriate email id and password that you registered with at the time of product purchase.
  3. Click the Login button and enter.
  4. Hover over My Account and pick Auto-Renewal Settings.
  5. If you need to disable Auto-Renewal, click Turn Off.

When you successfully enter your Mcafee account, you can quickly renew your product, and redeem your retail card and if you have lost your product key, you can also get support for obtaining it through the account.

At the time of working with my account, the most common issues are faced during the redemption of the retail cards. Through your account, you can easily redeem your MLS retail card by following these simple steps

How to Create McAfee Antivirus Account?

McAfee has an excellent security feature to protect your device against spyware, viruses, and malware. It provides the ideal solution to eliminate the virus. Additionally, it allows users to enjoy the benefits of all McAfee products. However, the users have to establish a McAfee login. Therefore, follow the steps below steps to set up a McAfee account.

  • Visit the official site, i.e., for creating a “McAfee Login” account.
  • Then, click “Register Now.”
  • Fill in the required information and click “I Agree.”
  • When you click on “I Agree” and then the McAfee account will be set up.

The steps above were about how to set up a McAfee Account.

What is McAfee Activation Code?  

McAfee activation key is 25 characters of alphanumeric code, written on the back of the retail card. It can also be it is sent by email to your registered email id. McAfee Product key can be described as a unique code that proves the McAfee authenticity of the product. It is valid for only one product. It looks like this XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. | McAfee Antivirus | Activate McAfee Using Retail Card

The company gives customers the option of purchasing a McAfee Anti-virus retail card. after that, you must activate McAfee via Retail Card so you don’t need to go through the complicated procedure of setup and installation. If a user buys the McAfee antivirus product, they receive their McAfee Product key with the product. To take advantage of the latest features offered by McAfee users need to enable their McAfee Product key. So, we’ve outlined how to activate the key.

Steps to Activate McAfee Retail Card:

1.) You need to purchase a McAfee Anti-virus retail card at any of the outlets or stores in your vicinity. The card will come with an activation code of 25 digits on the back of the. You must have this code on hand when activating the subscription. 

2.) Open the and enter the activation number in the box. 

3.) The next step is to complete the process of registering your email. The site will prompt you to sign-up on the McAfee website. You will need to input your email address. 

4.) Create a password, and then agree to all terms and conditions. Click to click I Agree

5.) Then, it will give you a link to download and install the program on your computer. 

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Download Procedure for McAfee

  • Click on “Install on your PC.”
  • Once you’ve completed that, go on and click on “Desktop” and then click on the “Agree as well as Download” button.
  • Then, the “.exe file” starts downloading.

Installation Procedure for McAfee

  • After the file is downloaded, you can open the file by clicking “Yes“.
  • Following this, a new pop-up window will be displayed on the screen. After that, hit the “Install” option.
  • Then, wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Finally, when you are done, click “Done” at the end.


In this way, after completing the steps in the process to enable the McAfee subscription by activation code. Make sure that all customers with an account are able to to activate their subscription. Dial McAfee customer service phone number for immediate help to fix other McAfee subscription issues

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