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Rapid Website Designing in 7 speedy Steps


In Pakistan, the trend of web development is increasing. Online shopping has also rapidly increased. 80% of the business has a web appearance and makes money. They want to cater to their target audience. Through the website, visitors and potential customers not just see the products of your company but also make a purchase. If you want to target new ones and retarget your target market. For that, you should focus on your web design. It helps you to retain your audience and get a competitive edge. The web design element should work properly. It is a way to attract and grab the attention of your visitors. Through responsive, simple navigation of the web design, you easily convert your visitors into potential customers. 

But here, is the question raised, when you have no background knowledge and techniques. Then how do you make a rapid web design

Steps for rapid web design:

There are seven speedy steps. Through these steps, you made rapid web design.

  1. Choose the web development company:

The first step is to find the best web development company in Lahore. Web design is important for the business. The web design should look professional, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, unique, and responsive. There are different ways to find the best web development companies in Lahore. 

  • Search on google and find the top 5 web development companies in Lahore 
  • Ask your friend and relative who has worked in the IT industry
  • Request referral.

If you search for a web development company by yourself. The following are the tips to find out the best web development company like planx.

  • Look at their landing page
  • Elements of the webpages
  • Portfolio and testimonials
  • Review and feedback page
  • About us and contact pages.
  1. Decide which kind of website you need:

As a website owner/ businessman, you should understand what kind of website you need.

Following are the types of websites:

  1. E-commerce website
  2. Websites that offer services 
  3. Websites that only provide information 

What kind of features and elements do you want in your website?

How many web pages do you need?

Do you need any marketing on your website?

  1. Domain Name:

A domain name is the website  URL of your company. People search your website through this name so think about it very wisely and thoroughly. 

The top web development companies. They clearly asked their clients, who want to develop their website about the name. Also suggest that The name must be:

  • Short 
  • Clear
  • Unique 
  • Having some meaning 
  • Easy to remember
  • Does Not use the difficult spelling 
  1. Web Hosting:

Web hosting is the service that provides space to your website server. When the visitor wants to visit your website. The website is served from web host servers. Make sure you spend more money and select the best web hosting company. 

Because if you select the cheap one then the loading speed of your website is slow. The visitor does not wait. If your website takes longer then you lose your customer in the first place. 

  1. Build your website:

When you hire a web development company in Lahore. Make sure that they add on all the major elements in the web design. Following are the elements that make web design more attractive and unique.

  • Call to action button 
  • Navigation 
  • Visual element 
  • Information replacement.

Through all these elements, Users/ visitors are attracted to your website. It is one of the catchy techniques. And a way to convert visitors into potential customers.

  1. Style of the brand:

When you build all crucial elements of your web design. After that, it’s important to build the style of that brand that represents the company. Ensure that you must choose the best and right brand style. 

Following are the brand style elements.

  1. The color schemes must reflect your business. It’s very important to focus on the text color (main heading, details, and minor description) 
  2. Font size: the font size must be consistent with your website
  3. Template: use the template which best fits your company profile. 
  4. Testing and launch:

The last and the most important step in web designing is 

  • Preview: First version of the website (means see how the website looks). The first version of the website was never the final and best version. 
  • Testing: The step in which we see that all elements, features, and buttons work properly. Through the testing process, we find the areas for improvement and make changes accordingly. 
  • Launch: The endpoint of the web development where you publish/go live. Where everyone can access the website through the URL. when things are finalized and you think no changes occur now. Then launched your website.

Analyze each thing. Because if there is something missing or not working properly. And users faced difficulty and were struck because the website features were not working. Then they leave a website with a click and switch to the competitor’s website. As a result, you lose your potential customer.  

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