Need to Know About Language Courses for NAATI CCL Punjabi

Need to Know About Language Courses for NAATI CCL Punjabi


There are different language courses for NAATI on Gold Coast, such as NAATI CCL Punjabi, Hindi, Burmese, Nepalese, and Burmese. The Fastforwardpreparation focuses on helping students to achieve success in PTE and NAATI CCL exams. Learn more about the various languages available for NAATI courses on Gold Coast. Here you will find all the details you need to get started on your journey to NAATI CCL success.

Exam format

The format of the NAATI CCL exam is in English and Punjabi and is designed to test your knowledge of both languages. There are 8 LOTE options, and if you answer correctly, you will receive 5 Australia PR points. For this test, you must register at NAATI’s website and follow their process to take it. You will find sample dialogues and practice tests to help you improve your performance.

To improve your exam performance, you should create a word list for the test. Practice reading articles and watching videos for at least an hour a day. Once you’ve created the list, categories them by topic. For example, if you’re studying for a test on Naati, you should make a list of words in both languages and keep it updated as you study. Also, you should ask for a repeat before the next segment. Then, if you find yourself making mistakes, ask for a repeat and ask for a correction.

Exam specification

The NAATI CCL exam is a comprehensive language test that aims to measure the level of proficiency of an individual in Punjabi. The exam is divided into two parts: one is based on English and the other on LOTE, and is approximately 300 words long. In each segment, candidates need to translate dialogue into both English and Punjabi, and score a minimum of 29 marks in each. The exam costs $800 including GST and is conducted in English and Punjabi.

The audio for the exam has a mistake in the translation of the test instructions. This mistake was made on purpose as the speed of the speakers was deliberately fast. However, the original pace of the dialogues was the natural speed of a speaker. This unexpected test delivery was a major cause for student stress. It forced the candidates to violate their own code of conduct and ethics. The Naati apologizes for the mistake and promises to correct the audio.

Exam pattern

The exam pattern for NAATI CCL is based on a deductive marking system. Therefore, you must study the NAATI CCL syllabus and exam pattern well. It is important to practice and take mock tests for the test. Moreover, you must take care while interpreting the dialogues. To prepare for the exam, you can download free practice material from the internet. After all, practice makes perfect.

You need to know that CCL tests have a validity period of 3 years. Therefore, if your result shows a clear fail, you should retake the test. The exam pattern for NAATI CCL is written in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. You must follow the pattern closely. You must keep a constant pace throughout the test. Avoid unnecessary pauses. When you translate, you must not sacrifice your fluency. Instead, use the word as it is.

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Preparation methods

There are many preparation methods available for the Naati CCC in the Punjabi language. It is important to understand how the test is scored and what the correct answer is. A good way to do this is by acquiring sample tests. Buying sample tests is recommended since mistakes on the test are penalized. You should also familiarize yourself with the exam’s format. There are various tips that you can follow to ensure that you score high on the test.

The exam pattern for this test has also changed. The number of questions has gone up from 180 to 200, and the exam includes regular and irregular verb forms. Besides, the exam pattern includes traffic signs and Gujarati idioms. The exam pattern for NAATI CCC in Punjabi includes the seven languages listed in the NAATI CCC. You can also find online resources for study materials in other languages.


The cost of a Naati CCC in Punjabi is approximately $800 AUD and includes the exam, a study guide, and a comprehensive manual. This test is open to Indian citizens, who want to study or work in Australia. In Australia, the test is available through covd, which makes it available online. If you are not an Indian citizen, you can still take the test by paying for an IELTS test. There are two bodies that offer the test in English and Punjabi.

Taking the test online

If you’d like to gain five bonus points to apply for permanent residency in Australia, you might want to take the NAATI CCL test. The test is conducted by NAATI and thousands of people have taken it. You can learn more about it by visiting the NAATI website. Then, follow the steps described to register for the test. Once you have done this, you can start studying for the test.

For the exam, you must have equal knowledge of both English and Punjabi. Fortunately, you can practice with various resources designed to simulate the test. These resources feature real-life test questions and dialogues that will provide you with a realistic test experience. You can also take practice tests to improve your performance. After you’ve registered for the test, you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions.

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