Lamborghini Urus has created a new record in the field of SUV


When it comes to production SUVs climbing Pikes Peak, there’s a new king of the mountain. That’s the Lamborghini Urus supercar that was just posted with the time 10: 32,064. Nearly 18 seconds faster than the previous 2018 Bentley Bentayga, which held the SUV production record with a time of 10: 49,902. Although Lambo did not participate in the official event held at the end of June, its time was recorded by the official timekeepers at Pikes Peak. 

It is reported by Wapcar that Lamborghini completed three-day timed races at the end of July, and we were invited to observe the second day of these endeavors. Since the races had to be done by 7:30 a.m. when the gates of Pikes Peak were open to the public,  the R&D team had to start preparing for the Urus before dawn. And it was just before 6 a.m. when pilot Simone Faggioli positioned the camouflage Lambo (details below) on the starting line for the first run of the day. 

Shortly after takeoff, the Urus must have malfunctioned as Faggioli quickly returned to the staging area to fix what appeared to be a faulty sensor. Everything the repair team worked on worked well because this supercar broke Bentley’s record before the allotted time that day. However, it wasn’t until the day after we left that  Urus hit his prime. However, we can see Faggioli and the whole team celebrate the previous record. 

Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini’s technical director, was one of the first to suggest testing the Pikes Peak. He’s also been a huge fan of historic hill climbing since his youth, before the road was paved and when Group B race cars were still racing. For him, Pikes Peak is magical, Mohr said. In my opinion, there are only a few places in the world that offer so much information about the car culture. Of course, the Nürburgring is one and Pikes Peak is the second. 

As seen in the photos, the record-breaking Urus is wrapped in orange camouflage with the words “Keep raise the Bar” on the sides. It was Lamborghini’s thinly veiled attempt to hide the fact that it wasn’t just the old 641hp Urus that broke the record. Instead, it is a new model that will be announced on August 19. While key details about the upcoming Urus have not been announced until then, Lamborghini is revealing a few things about the vehicle. The machine has conquered the legendary uphill road.

Aside from the required safety equipment, which mainly includes roll cages and racing seats with six-point harnesses, the Urus is basically what people will get with the production version. This includes the standard 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as well as Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, size 285/40R-22 at the front and 325/235R-22 at the rear. Lamborghini says it has been involved in the development of this special rubber, which will be the first time Pirelli offers a semi-slick tire designed for an SUV. 

Another thing to note about the new rubber on the Urus is that it is a step up from the Pirelli P Zero Corsa PZC4s found on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Coupe. Why is this relevant? Well, avid readers may recall that the Porsche recently stole  Lambo’s crown as the fastest SUV we’ve ever raced at Lightning Lap, posting a brilliant 2:52.6 in The race that took place last year. With shoes that are even 10mm wider at the back (same size at the front), the new Urus variant could very well reclaim the LL title it initially established in 2019.  As mentioned before, the person responsible for setting the Pikes Peak record in the Lambo was pilot Simone Faggioli. 

In addition to being a Pirelli test driver, he is also a  champion hill climber who still holds the rear-wheel drive record he set during the  Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2018. 

After breaking the record on day two, we asked Faggioli how he was. Handling the pressure that comes with not only trying to achieve such a feat but achieving it for such a famous brand. Talking to an interpreter, he said that the pressure, of course, is there and you feel it. Clear. Because in the end, all the preparatory work was done. But it comes back when it’s the machine and you and you have to deliver. And delivered exactly what he did.

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