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An Ultimate Post-Covid Tour Guide To Kashmir



When corona started spreading in india at the beginning of 2020 all the travel industries are got disturbed and shut down for more than a year and all this affected our way of travel a lot and this time at current we have to follow some rules we have to make yourself safe at anywhere we go and also the people around us all this have changed our life a lot some of the things are changed travelling is changed and here are some important things you should be aware of after this pandemic happened here is a guide for you to travel to Kashmir.

Following the covid that occurred throughout the world, there are some rules that you should be aware of before travelling to Kashmir.

1- you should wear a mask all the time while at any place you are travelling.

2- you should carry a pocket sanitiser wherever you go.

3- you should get a covid test before going anywhere.

4- take your report of the covid test with you as you are visiting Kashmir there you will            need it in a lot of places.

5- in some places you have to get yourself a test after reaching the place.

6- take the vaccine as soon as possible to go anywhere without hesitation.

7- take both of the vaccine doses as it is mandatory.

Travelling To Kashmir

There are plenty of ways to reach Kashmir and you can choose Srinagar as your starting point because this place is well connected to different modes of transport and this place has plenty of options to stay and well-developed place you can stay and explore this place too and then you can visit the different place as you planned or here is an itinerary for you which is best according to me. 

Kashmir Travelling Itinerary

As we have selected Srinagar as the base you will reach the base Srinagar via different ways which youve chosen at day 1st you can explore Srinagar city and enjoy the shikara ride at dal lake with the beautiful view of mountains and silence of the lake all this feels amazing and there are plenty of things to do in Srinagar like sightseeing places like Chashme Sahi garden, Pari Mahal Garden, the garden of flowers like Nehru garden and Shalimar garden. And many more places. If you are a person who loves adventure you can also go paragliding and paragliding with a view like the Himalayas are once in a lifetime things you should go for.

The next day you can go to your next location Gulmarg this place is a must place to visit in your travel itinerary of Kashmir this place is next to heaven and this place is also known as a meadow of flowers, it is only 51 km away from Srinagar and it is only a 1.5-hour drive from Srinagar this place is a substitute to Switzerland it is as beautiful as world’s most expensive tourist destination so this should be in you itinerary you can explore this place and you should do everything early as Gulmarg gets dark fast at evening.

The next day you can have your breakfast and leave the Gulmarg city and your next destination will be Sonmarg this place is 80 km from Srinagar and 30 km from Gulmarg Sonmarg is also known as a meadow of gold this place is located at a altitude of 9198 feet 

There are plenty of glaciers and frozen lakes you can go to this place to enjoy in ice and Sonmarg has the seven great lakes of Kashmir. Those are the lakes in a row you can go for a trek. This place will fill you with nature. You should visit this place.

The next day you can visit Pahalgam after taking breakfast in Sonmarg this place is only 30 km away from Pahalgam this place is known as the valley of shepherds this place is something else this place is an offbeat location but you should go this place will surprise you with its beauty.

Next day, I traveled to Chandanwari. This place is 15 km from Pahalgam and on routes to Srinagar this place is most famous as the base for the Amarnath yatra and for the starting of glaciers.

After exploring all these areas you can go back to Srinagar and your trip to Kashmir is at an end and you are full of memories and mesmerising views which you are never going to forget.

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