Kamshet Paragliding do it yourself guide



Kamshet is the ideal weekend vacation spot, with a luscious green covered cover, tranquil lakes and undulating hillside. Nestled in the Western Ghats about 118 km far from Mumbai, Kamshet sits at about 2200 meters above sea level and crosses a former trading path from Konkan to Pune. The Kamshet is located approximately 56 kilometers far from Pune and 11 kilometers far from Lonavala. The hills of Kamshet and the surrounding countryside are dotted with old caves and ancient castles.Among the Sahyadri Ranges, Kamshet needs a little hiking at most of the takeoffs. The tropical savannas mean that it is nearly 30 degrees Celsius year-round, but April is the warmest. The coldest days in January will be well above 10 degrees Celsius. When you glide near Mumbai and Pune, you see a landscape full of open sky, mountains, valleys, rivers and farmland. While Kamshet is hilly, paragliding offers you more mountain, greenery, rivers and lakes views. It’s a very happy experience, either way.

Kamshet is world renown amongst paragliders who love high-performance topography and excellent weather located in the Sahyadri zone, which has a wide variety of starting points. Kamshet is also wounded by its low hills, which have a large number of furniture areas for easy landing.

Start an enjoyable encounter with a number of qualified pilots and flying enthusiasts on paragliding in Kamshet. Following a short briefing by coaches, a group of experts are encouraging gliders to adapt to the paraglider. This adventure is more thrilling because of the picturesque sight of the Sahyadri Ranges and the cool breeze against the gliders. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, the fly takes five or six minutes. You will admire the stunning hills in a bird’s eye view. The departure point is at a famous paragliding location named Kamshet. You are picked up by a two-seater aircraft where you can fly with an instructor

Selfie in paradise. Heaven. Honestly, you can go ahead and select a video kit for your first Tandem walk. It can appear like the entire experience is passing in the eye. If you want to carry a paragliding piece forever, take it correctly. Speak to your flight pilot, and he will gladly keep you occupied. This will reflect both their experience and integrity. Later, by offering memorial flight certificates, you are invited back to life to take home in memory of your paragliding activity.

Paragliding is weather-based adventure sport and safe wind conditions for a decent flight so don’t press if pilots for safety reasons cancel their flight. If you can walk, drive, sit and stand, you can take a paragliding tandem ride, but it is also important to warn passengers before you book your trip of health conditions or recent accidents or disabilities. Heart disease or epilepsy patients are usually not allowed to ride. For paragliding tandems as such, no weight restriction remains so long as adequate wind exists to ride.

You should visit the surrounding breathtaking areas after your paragliding practices.


You may remember the following points:

  1. Kamshet Paragliding will begin at 8:00 AM in the morning and from 2:00 PM in the afternoon.
  1. The highest allowable weighed individual is 95 Kg.
  1. Six years is the minimum age criteria, but under the guidance of the guardian.
  1. The kid is 18 years of age.
  1. Both elderly people have to inform the teacher about some medical conditions, especially blood pressure or heart patients, or whether they have had any medical problems.
  1. During breastfeeding, paragliding is not recommended.

Kamshet- things to do:

Besides the other events that you will enjoy at Kamshet, Pune, Maharashtra, the Kamshet Paragliding is the main attraction:

Picture – because the spot can inspire you, you also want to save these images forever, but photography is the perfect way to do this. Using as many pictures as possible before the camera’s memory card is last reduced.

Sightseeing – Sightseeing is another essential thing other than Paragliding.

You can then visit Lonavala and Khandala if time permits or you have more time available. As your trio are next to you.

Trekking – This is an outing you will have more fun with family and friends. Tikona Fort Trek and Pawna Lake Camping and trekking, Visapur Fort Trek, Bedse Caves Trek and Bhairi Caves are all nearby trekking destinations. The area is also very popular. The best rejuvenating points from hectic life and all the places are silent.

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