Is the beauty of the Suzuki V-Strom SX superficial?


Suzuki India startled a lot of people when it unexpectedly announced the V-Strom SX last month at Rs 2.13 lakh. This is not the same 250cc V-Strom that is sold in other countries. The bike we’re putting out here is powered by the same 249cc single-cylinder motor that powers the 250cc Gixxer that’s currently on the market in India. Regardless, this bike looks the part. Suzuki is still touting the bike as the “Master of Adventure,” and we’re out here today to see how much of that is true.


This V-Strom SX appears to be quite distinctive and remarkable in terms of design. It has some of the characteristics of a true adventure motorbike, as well as some of the characteristics of a more road-oriented motorcycle. This motorbike is based on the Gixxer 250 once again.

Starting with the wheels, you get a 19/17-inch front/rear wheel arrangement with a dual-purpose MRF tyre, which gives the bike an intimidating, adventure-ready appearance at first glance. It has a disc brake and telescopic front suspension, but it doesn’t have much travel, which, along with the alloy wheels, indicates that this bike is designed to glide over broken pavement surfaces rather than tackle severe terrain.

The headlight and indicators are taken directly from the Gixxer 250’s parts bin, but their integration with the fairing is neat. The bike has a tiny flyscreen up front, which, along with the beak found on larger Suzuki Adv motorcycles, gives it a purposeful attitude when viewed from the front and in profile.

In terms of riding aids and safety features, the bike lacks ride modes and traction control, but it does include twin channel ABS and a side-stand down engine cutoff option. Unfortunately, the ABS on the motorbike cannot be turned off, indicating that, while it looks the part, it isn’t actually designed to go hard off-road.

Handling And Performance

The V-Strom SX receives the same 249cc single-cyl liquid-cooled motor as the Gixxer, and it’s in the same level of tune. The gearing stays unchanged, and the motor continues to run smoothly and stress-free. The 26.5PS and 22.2Nm on tap are evenly distributed across the band, with the first two gears being short and the other four being tall. As a result, while riding around the city, you’ll find the bike to be quite manageable and pleasant. You can even pull away from 35kmph in sixth gear without touching the clutch and pull all the way up to triple digit speeds, but all in a very relaxing manner. If you want to make a speedy overtaking, you will need to shift down a cog or two. Even though the engine loves to be cranked, it doesn’t seem as swift and dynamic as its rival, the KTM 250 ADVENTURE.

But it’s the riding and handling of this bike that truly sets it apart. While it appears to be towering and formidable, it isn’t until you swing your leg over it. When I heard that this V-Strom has the same chassis as the Gixxer 250, I believed that the bike would be easy to maneuver, and it turned out that it was.

Ride and Control

The ride quality of the Suzuki V-Strom SX is, in my opinion, one of its most notable features. Everything about this bike, from the seat, which is lovely, broad, and accommodating, to the ergonomics, which include the wide handlebar and forward-set footpegs, is highly touring-friendly if you ask me, and riding it in the city is a breeze. It’s incredibly comfy and simple to adjust to. The suspension – the way it’s set up, despite the little of travel at both ends, this bike really sucks up undulating roads with ease. It’s just so easy to ride for both the rider and the pillion.


So, what exactly does the Suzuki V-Strom SX excel at? The answer is that it’s good at a variety of tasks as long as you stick to paved terrain with some minor soft-roading thrown in. This bike makes a great argument for itself as a touring machine; it’s smooth, easy to ride, and generally a lovely and basic vehicle.

Yes, it’s less expensive than the KTM 250 Adventure and far less expensive than the Benelli TRK 251, but both machines have greater power and features in addition to improved off-road prowess.

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