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Is Passive Vaping As Harmful As Passive Smoking? IVG Bar


You’re out on vacation with your friends to spend quality time with them. It’s a long drive, curvy roads, cold winds blowing, and you take out your IVG Bar disposable vape to compliment the mood. Suddenly one of your friends gets frustrated and tells you to turn off that device. It might be engaging him in danger too.

Your mind might cross passive smoking, but what about passive vaping? Does your friend have a point? Not everyone is familiar with the actual concept of passive smoking and passive vaping. Let’s take a deep dive and find out the realities.

What is Passive Smoking?

Suppose two people are standing together, and only one of them is taking cigarette puffs one after another. The act of the person taking puffs is active smoking. On the other hand, the person standing next to it is still breathing and inhaling all the exhaled smoke of the smoker. That person is a passive smoker, and this act is known as passive smoking.

How Dangerous Is Passive Smoking?

According to researchers, passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking because the smoke has once passed through the respiratory system of a smoker and may contain germs and more contaminated smoke than primary cigarette smoke. There is no filter between the passive smoke and our breathing, which can allow all the harmful elements of tobacco smoke to get inside us.

It can damage the lungs, sabotage heart health, cause asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia and invite plenty of cancers. It’s best to stay at arm’s length from a smoker to stay smoke-free and disease free.

E-cigarettes Being A Safer Alternative

Withstanding all the health-disastering effects of smoking, vaping is a lifesaver. Vaping helps to combat the smoking habit and quit it permanently because vaping delivers nicotine to our bodies in a much safer way.

Also, disposable vapes like crystal bar assist in quitting nicotine addiction as you can slowly decrease the nicotine in your vaping device. This will help your body slowly get aside from nicotine and one day leaves it permanently. Thousands of people are choosing vaping over smoking as, according to NHS, it is 97% safer than cigarettes.

Are People At Risk Of Passive Smoking?

Everyone standing around smokers are at risk of passive smoking. However, the people who are the most at risk are children and pregnant women. Many researchers have seen that passive smoking causes premature death in pregnant women. Moreover, children at an early age can develop life-threatening diseases such as asthma, acute lung infections, respiratory system diseases, and many ear problems.

Is Passive Vaping Harmful?

Yes, it is. But not as harmful as tobacco-filled passive smoke. With vaping, you’re inhaling fewer chemicals and compounds with nicotine because the E-liquid is lab-processed, and many harmful compounds are removed. But with cigarettes, more than 20 chemicals are passively inhaled. Imagine how much damage it can do to your body.

What To Do?

If you’re a smoker and want to end smoking to protect your and your loved ones’ lives. Quit smoking with the assistance of vaping. It will help you optimally quit smoking and come down to the road of recovery and wellness. Moreover, when you’re vaping, ensure that you stay out of reach of children and pregnant women as the E-liquid vapour contains nicotine which can affect their help detrimentally.

It would be the best disposable vape such as elux legend mini in the open air and away from kids. Another reason to not vape in front of kids is to protect them from developing a vaping habit in the future because kids who see it at an early age are most likely to follow it in adulthood.


Planting tobacco on a large scale requires a lot of lands, and people are using up the place of planting trees. This leads to deforestation, which affects the climate and the animals. Also, the toxic chemicals used and produced during the production process of tobacco are absorbed into animals and plants.

E-cigs do not destroy the environment in any such way. None of these environmental hazards is caused by using disposable vapes. In fact, it contributes to a healthier and better environment.

No Second-Hand Smoking Issues:

Vape clouds do not affect the other people nearby. Smoking cigarettes affects the smoker’s health and also the people around them who inhale the cigarette smoke. Passive smoking is way more dangerous than direct smoking.

Disposable vapes do not give rise to this issue of second-hand smoking. Vaping is not only beneficial to the vaper but also those around them. This is such a significant advantage of using e-cigs.

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