Is a Cold Harmful to My disposable Vape? IVG bar


Have you started vaping recently? Did your device work perfectly well the other day, and now it is causing you unnecessary trouble? IVG bar disposable vape kits are electronic devices, e-cigarettes might malfunction once in a while. All of this is understandable, but things get annoying when you don’t even know why it is happening.

There can be many reasons why a disposable vape or a reusable kit is not working; spotting the right problem is crucial to bring it back to normal. Due to the onset of fall, temperature fluctuations are expected. Weather changes affect vaping too. Too hot temperatures are not good for e-cigs, and too cold surroundings are not good either.

Effect Of Cold Climate On Vapes:

Regular vapers are familiar with weather changes’ effects on vaping. Usually, new vapers need a guide on the things to do to enjoy vaping in cold weather, the same as routine. But seasoned vapers can also pick some tips from this blog if they have not yet faced harsh cold conditions in previous years.

Some common occurrences experienced by almost everyone going through winter are highlighted here. Let’s get into the detail of what happens and how to deal with those things:

Shorter Battery Life:

The battery of a disposable vape can be labelled as its heart as it cannot operate without it. If the battery gets busted before the e-liquid finishes or the coil gets burnt, your whole device will become useless. Buying new batteries every few days is not ideal.

Disposable vape like elux mini batteries work by converting the chemical energy of electron movements into electrical energy. Too low temperatures slow the pace of these moving electrons, making it hard to generate current. As a result, the vape device’s battery uses more power than usual to keep the flow of electrons; it depletes the battery’s energy and life faster.

Keep The Battery Warm Before Puffing:

To save your disposable vape’s battery life, you should try to keep it warm. You can keep it in your pocket and reduce the frost on its surface through your body heat. Before taking puffs, you should hold the device in your hand for a while, so it does not remain too cold.

Don’t Leave Your Vape Out In The Cold:

In winter, when the temperature drops by certain degrees, vaping indoors is a better option. It will save your disposable vape’s crystal bar battery life. If you want to take your vape device outside, do not leave it resting in your car or anywhere cold. Keep it close to your body or in a warm space.

Avoid Taking Long Puffs:

When the battery’s working potential decreases, you might not feel a strong throat hit, or the vapour size might shrink. At that time, do not try to drag longer puffs to increase the intensity; if you do this, your battery will deplete its energy faster.

Burnt Coil:

E-juice is liquid at average temperature, but depending on its composition, it might start to crystallise or change viscosity in chilly areas. When that happens, the liquid is not adequately absorbed, and the coil gets burnt.

Less Flavour Intensity & Vapour Production:

When this happens, the flavour intensity might not be as intense as it used to be, or the cloud size might decrease. To overcome this, try keeping the e-liquid tank or disposable vape in a less chilly area or warm it before puffing.

Take Shorter Puffs:

You can prevent the burning of the coil by taking short puffs and giving a few seconds gap between each puff.

Final Words:

Weather changes leave an impact on your disposable vape or reusable kit. Any extreme temperature will mess with the normal vaping process. You just need to be vigilant and not let it get exposed to harsh conditions for long periods. Keep your device in warm places in cold weather to avoid the fall in its useful life.

Different sorts of vape devices, such as disposable vapes, vape mods, vape pens, pod mods and mod boxes, have distinct features. Deciding which vape would work best for you is a little complex if you have no prior knowledge of vape devices. Vape mods are designed for vapers who love modifying their vape kits.

Vapers familiar with the vape coils, batteries, and best e-liquids UK flavours tend to choose box mods. On the other hand, beginner vapers who are not acquainted with the functionalities and technicalities of vape devices often opt for disposable vapes.

Pick the Right E-liquid Flavour:

E-liquids are the vital components of vapes composed of four main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavours. Among the different ingredients of e-liquid, PG and VG are the most important, and they highly influence your vaping.

Propylene glycol(PG) is a thin liquid that effectively carries the flavour. It gives a strong throat hit that imitates the sensation of cigarette smoking. If you are a smoker and are looking for a vape device to help you weave off your smoking, you should purchase e-liquid with a higher PG ratio. (for cloud-chasing, always choose e-liquids that contain VG in high consistency like Dinner Lady Vape Liquid).

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