Industrial vs Traditional Construction

Industrial vs Traditional Construction: Which Is Cheaper?


There are many construction systems in industrialized construction. It is also possible to use a variety of materials. These, along with the structure, will ultimately affect the final price of the product.

Traditional industrialized or prefabricated construction has indeed used low-quality materials with fast construction processes without the necessary quality control.

This was because it was not intended for habitual residence but for seasonal products, such as spaces for holidays, weekends, or other uses, which were also not compliant with the Technical Building Code. They did not consider housing as the Law requires.

Modern construction methods have advanced tremendously, allowing high-rise homes to now be constructed industrially with superior qualities to traditional construction. Modular homes in Pittsburgh show why prefab homes are in demand.

These main factors will affect the cost of housing:

  • Material quality
  • Employed designs
  • Housing structure
  • Construction system
  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Service offered

High-quality materials:

The houses’ structures are made from reinforced concrete and steel which give them great strength, resistance, and endurance.

There are many products on the market today, including products of low quality and products that are high-end.

We see that the prices for high-end products often double, triple, or even triple the previous price, and on many occasions exponentially increase the price of their predecessors.

In all cases, the quality of each product is unmatched. Products that cost 4 to 5 times as much offer quality equal to, or higher than, the cost increase.


The home design should have open spaces, large windows, and bright houses.

An industrial home building company can build homes that meet these standards using our construction system. This means they can create homes that are more spacious, functional, elegant, and modern.

House structure:

The buildings should be able to withstand the passing of time. That’s why most builders make houses that can withstand all weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and earthquakes.

Home building companies make strong foundations on which steel and reinforced concrete structures can be firmly built.


We understand that you want your home to reflect your personality and personalize it to your liking, but there are some things everyone loves and must be included from the beginning.

Home building companies also provide a fully-equipped kitchen, including all appliances, as well as a complete bathroom with all fixtures and sink cabinets.

Wall-to-wall fitted wardrobes will be installed in the rooms. They will include data outlets, antenna, thermostat, and thermostat for independent air conditioner. The windows will be high quality with thermal break and double glass.

The home builder will install underfloor heating and cooling throughout your house. They will then deliver it ready for you to decorate with the furniture you love.


The traditional houses have very little in common with the houses of the XXI Century.

Consumers have changed their needs. They are now looking for eco-friendly homes that are more sustainable and less dependent on natural resources.

The prefab homes have all the technological advancements of the 21st Century, including home automation and artificial intelligence. You may like the Modular homes Pennsylvania designs.

Service offered

It is well-known that building a home on your plot to self-promote can be costly both financially and in terms of time and effort.

It can be difficult to coordinate multiple companies offering different services.

  • Study of urban and geometric feasibility.
  • Topographic survey and geotechnical studies
  • Study of logistics to determine the feasibility and transportability of the plot.
  • Execution, Preliminary Project, and Basic Project.
  • An energy study of your house.

Related to CONSTRUCTION of the House:

  • Optional construction management
  • The direction of the execution of work.
  • Plan and Health and Safety Study.
  • Safety and health coordination at work
  • Control of execution quality.
  • Foundation is too thin.
  • For supply connections, there are 10 linear meters worth of ditches.

Most common GUARANTEES

  • Certificate of energy efficiency
  • All construction is protected by law
  • Optional 10-year insurance
  • Supervision of an external Technical Control Body.
  • Consider all of these aspects when considering the cost of building a home.

Sometimes, prices that seem lower at the end of the project may not be the best because they don’t include all the details or the quality of the product being offered.

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