How to Clean Your Dryer Vent: 9 Mistakes to Avoid


Dryer fires are a real and very scary hazard, and they most often originate in the metal tube between your dryer and the wall. That’s what you need to clean out. Plus, it will help your dryer vent last longer and run more efficiently. Cleaning a dryer vent service goes way beyond wiping off the lint filter between loads. And if you don’t do it, your house could catch fire.

A professional is the best person to hire for Duct Repair Services Melbourne because they can inspect your system and locate where there may be issues with leaks or damage, which creates a strain on your HVAC unit and increases energy usage over time. This will help you catch problems before they become more of an issue than they already might be.

Just avoid these dangerous mistakes while cleaning out your dryer vent:

1.     Forgetting to Unplug the Dryer

Safety first: One of the most important dryer vent cleaning tips is to remove the machine’s power cord from the wall outlet to avoid getting shocked. For gas-powered appliances, turn off the gas supply to prevent leaks.

2.     Using the Wrong Equipment

Tiny dryer lint fibers can cling to the walls of the duct, so it’s worth investing in equipment that does the job right. The Lint Lizard, about $30, attaches to the end of your vacuum cleaner and is very good at sucking up dryer debris. The Everbilt Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit, about $17, comes with attachments for cleaning long ducts.

3.     Attempting to Clean a Long Vent Yourself

While some basic equipment and DIY skills should work for most homes, it’s worth calling in a professional if your dryer has an especially long duct.

4.     Neglecting to Check the Duct for Damage

While you’re cleaning the duct, take the opportunity to go over its surface to check for cracks or tears. Patching them up will help your dryer run optimally.

5.     Bending the Duct Too Much

Ducts bend fairly easily when you handle them, which you’ll want to avoid. When you reattach the duct to the dryer, make sure there are no sharp turns or bends in the tube, which will create crevices for lint to accumulate and may lead to breaks.

6.     Reattaching the Duct with Duct Tape

Despite its confusingly spot-on name, this is perhaps the only thing duct tape can’t do. It can corrode from the heat of the dryer. Better to use aluminium tape, which can take the dryer heat.

7.     Routing the Vent Into an Attic or Crawlspace

Remember, the lint that accumulates in your dryer vent is flammable. There’s only one place the exhaust should be going to maintain dryer vent safety, and that’s outdoors. Stick to cleaning your dryer vent, and leave any major work, like rerouting the vent, to the pros.

8.     Overlooking Moisture Sensors

While it has nothing to do with your actual vent, if your dryer has a moisture sensor, keeping it clean will help your dryer function efficiently. So, you might as well do it while you’re working on the vent. The sensor is a thin metal bar often located right below the dryer door. You can remove the lint, dryer-sheet chemicals, and other debris with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol so the sensor can do its job properly.

9.     Not Cleaning the Dryer Vent Often Enough

This is one maintenance job you shouldn’t put off. At least once a year — or more if your machine is getting a real workout — you should give your dryer vent a good cleaning. These 10 steps will guide you through the process:

How to Clean Your Dryer Vent Safely

  1. Unplug the dryer or turn off the gas supply.
  2. Pull the dryer away from the wall.
  3. Detach the duct, the wide tube that sends the dryer exhaust outside.
  4. Shake out loose lint and use a vacuum cleaner and tools to remove the remaining lint from the duct
  5. Vacuum lint from the outside vent.
  6. Clean the floor around the dryer to get rid of debris.
  7. Check the dryer duct for any cracks or tears and replace the duct if damaged.
  8. Carefully reattach the dryer vent with screws, clips, or aluminium tape.
  9. Return the dryer to its normal position.
  10. Turn the power supply back on.


If you want to avoid making common mistakes when cleaning your dryer vent, make sure to follow the tips in this blog post. From regularly inspecting and cleaning your lint screen to avoiding using too much detergent, these tips will help keep your dryer running smoothly for years to come. If you need assistance with any duct repair services Melbourne or Dryer vent cleaning services, our team at Epic Duct Cleaning is always here to help. Schedule a free consultation today and let us help you breathe easier knowing your home is safe from fire hazards.

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