how to bypass hp printer cartridge error

How To Bypass Hp Printer Cartridge Error?


Are your Samsung, Brother, Canon, Ricoh, Epson, or Samsung printers not recognizing a replacement cartridge or ink? We see this issue in our customers every now and then so it’s not something you should be experiencing.

Printers not recognizing new ink cartridges is one of the most common problems that printer owners face when replacing or changing an empty cartridge. This problem happens regardless of brand, and it’s something that we frequently get asked about by our customers.

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You may experience printer problems if you use a replacement compatible, remanufactured generic, or refilled cartridge (cartridges that are not manufactured by the printer manufacturer). We’ll show you how to fix it.

First, check out our 8 tips that will help you solve the problem. Then, if you need more help, we have tips for specific brands at bottom of this guide.

What happens next?

Printer cartridge not recognized by the computer error message

Sometimes, your printer might display a message such as:

  • Your printer states that toner cannot be used.
  • Your printer may say ‘Printer Cartridge Not Detected. This means that your printer can’t detect ink.
  • Your computer displays a low or empty level of ink and/or toner.
  • An HP Printer showing ‘cartridge error, HP cartridges locked, cartridge Protection Enabled’ or an ‘HP ink cartridge that is not compatible_’.
  • You will see a message on your printer stating that no cartridge was installed, the cartridge is not recognized, or other similar messages.

These are the top reasons your printer won’t recognize a cartridge.

Reset internal memory:

The printer should recognize when you insert a new cartridge. It will also reset its internal memory to ensure that the printer is displaying all ink and toner levels. Sometimes, however, the printer may not recognize the new cartridge or believe that there is no cartridge in the current position. Here’s how to fix this

Protective strips are still in place:

Problem: – When you take a new cartridge out of its packaging, it may have been attached with protective covers or plastic strips.

Solution – Before you install the cartridge again, take it out of the printer.

Damaged or dirty contacts prevent chip data from being read:

To allow them to communicate, the new ink cartridge or toner cartridge contains a number of metal contacts. These contacts connect to metal contacts in your printer. The contacts can be damaged or ruined inside the printer or on the cartridges. This can cause the printer to not recognize the chip’s information and prevent them from connecting. 

HP Cartridge Protection is enabled

While firmware updates are often required, an update to enable cartridge protection may be applied to HP printers. This prevents the cartridges from being used in other printers. Compatibles may not work in your printer if you have cartridge protection. You can turn this off. This article will show you how to repair HP cartridges that are locked to another printer.

Incorrect consumable placed in a slot:

It is easy to make a mistake and put the wrong toner or color ink cartridge in the wrong slot. If a drum, fuser, or other maintenance item is accidentally purchased in place of a cartridge, the printer will stop working and require a new cartridge.

Double-check that all cartridges have been removed from the printer. Reinstall them if they are not in the correct color slots. Turn the printer off to reset it.

Ink cartridge not correctly inserted into its slot:

The printer will not recognize an ink cartridge if it isn’t properly clicked into its slot. To verify that the cartridges have been properly inserted, lift the cartridge cover and check again.

Sometimes, broken plastic parts can cause toner to not fit correctly in the printer slot. To fix the problem, you will need to replace the toner.

The printer software has updated the chip data or given it an empty status

Printer manufacturers are not allowed to prohibit you from using compatible cartridges or remanufactured cartridges in their printers. Printers connected to the internet often update their firmware (software). These updates are useful for fixing bugs but also can stop compatible cartridges from working in your printer. You might see messages such as ‘cartridge not compatible‘, ‘cartridge recognized‘, or even a ‘counterfeit cartridge installed.

All HP printers include anti-counterfeit technology. This software can be used to prevent the use of counterfeit cartridges, which are ones made by criminals to pretend to be HP cartridges. It can also stop compatible cartridges from functioning. You can either replace the cartridge or ignore the warning.

If your Canon printer has this problem, click here to learn how to fix it.

It is a good idea to disable automatic software upgrades if you plan to use compatible inks or reman toners. This can be done on your computer by going to the printer properties.

8 steps to fix an ink cartridge error

First, don’t panic! No matter if you bought them from us, or from another supplier, there shouldn’t be any reason why they wouldn’t fit in your printer. We’ll help you with this. These are the 8 steps that will fix your problem.

How to reset your printer memory

  1. Take out your cartridge and replace it. For 10 minutes, leave your printer at home and get something to do.
  2. Replace the cartridge with a new one. This alone can often resolve the problem. Check to see if your printer recognizes your new cartridges. If you still have trouble…
  3. Take out the old cartridge. Place it in a safe and clean place so that the surface or cartridge are not damaged.
  4. Use the power button to turn off your printer.
  5. Unplug the printer from the wall. Some printers can stay in sleep mode even if the power button is turned off on the control panel. You can leave your printer in this state for around 10 minutes.
  6. Connect your printer to the wall but don’t press any power buttons yet
  7. Add your new cartridge
  8. Push the power button on your printer

You should now be able to print with the compatible ink/toner cartridge. If that fails, you can move on to the next step.

Cleanse the metal contacts

You can see the metal contacts on either one side of a toner cartridge or the back of an ink cart. They look like a flat piece of metal or even a circuit board. (Please note that some ink cartridges do not have any contacts). These are the steps:

  1. Turn off your printer and unplug it (inkjet printers do not need this step, as the cartridges must be removed prior to turning on).
  2. Remove your ink cartridge or toner and place it on a flat surface.
  3. Check the cartridge for metal contacts
  4. For the connection point, inspect the printer’s interior
  5. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the printer and cartridge contacts. Be careful to not cause any damage.
  6. Change the cartridges in your printer
  7. Turn the printer on
  8. Print again

This should resolve any problems you might have with microchips or dirty contacts.

Are you still having problems?

There are some additional things you can do if you still have trouble.

  • When your cartridge was installed, make sure that all protective covers and strips have been removed. Instructions will usually be included in the box.
  • You must ensure that you have the right consumable. This happens to all of us, I’m sure. You should ensure that you bought ink or toner, not a new drum or any other maintenance item. We can help you if you have any questions.
  • Follow the instructions to update your printer software. This can usually be done by going to the manufacturer’s website and searching for the printer.

You may need to replace the cartridge or microchip if you’ve exhausted all other options. If you purchased from a reliable supplier, this should cover you. With the advancements in printer technology, some manufacturers have made it more difficult to find a compatible cartridge or remanufactured cartridge.

Simply contact your supplier to see if they can exchange or refund it for a replacement cartridge.

What about refilling ink cartridges?

There are a few things you should know if you have used a refill service, refilled your ink/toner cartridges, or tried to refill them yourself. Refilled ink cartridges can cause damage to the cartridge’s integrity, which can lead to leaks in your printer.

Also, the manufacturer’s chip needs to be reset. The printer might read the chip and believe it is empty. The chip records the amount of ink and toner used up by a cartridge. It then needs to be reset after it has been refilled. The printer won’t recognize the cartridge if this is not done. To reset the chip, you will need special tools. As the firmware is updated on your printer, it may be necessary to reset the chip again.

How to get a refill cartridge to work

To avoid any problems with refilled inks, you can go to the general settings of your printer and navigate to preferences. Then, turn off any setting that sends usage data to the printer manufacturer.

You might see something like “Store anonymous usage data.”

This setting is usually defaulted to on and allows the printer to monitor the use of cartridges. You can turn it off to tell the printer that it cannot monitor ink usage and allow refills. This would mean that you wouldn’t be able to see how much ink remains in your cartridges at any one time.

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