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How Does Vaping Improve Your Health? IVG Bar


IVG Bar Vaping and smoking are often mistaken as the same when they are not. E-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes are both very different things. The purpose of their production, the process involved in their nicotine delivery, and the contents of their main ingredients – everything about these two is thoroughly contrasting.

Vaping and health benefits in the same sentence seem cynical at first. But to better understand the concept, you first need to understand the few fundamental differences between smoking and vaping.

Dissimilarities Of E-cigarettes & Traditional Cigarettes:

1 The striking difference lies in the foundation of these two. IVG Bar Disposable vapes were introduced to provide people with an alternative to smoking so they could quit them easily. In comparison, regular cigarettes were manufactured for recreational purposes.

2 The second thing that stands out among them is the raw material used. Cigarettes contain tobacco to deliver nicotine, while vape devices have e-liquid in them. Both deliver nicotine to your body in the form of smoke or vapour, but vapes do not produce other harmful chemicals that are present in cigarette smoke.

3 The last thing that makes them stand at opposite ends of the rod is the process of nicotine generation. Vapes heat the e-liquid, and you inhale the nic salt-containing vapours produced. On the other hand, conventional cigarettes involve a burning process, and nicotine goes into your system when you inhale the smoke produced.

4 The problem arises when you do not just inhale nicotine but also the carcinogenic as well as many other toxic chemicals produced by burning tobacco. Now let’s move on to the part where we discuss how vapes benefit your health.

Health Benefits Of Vaping:

You should not misunderstand this statement, as it does not mean that vaping will improve your health magically. It simply declares this in comparison to smoking. If you are a smoker and are reluctant to part ways with your cigarettes, it would be better to choose e-cigarettes then. Those who find it challenging to quit smoking should switch to vaping for a smoking-like experience.

How Vaping Leads To A Better Health Condition:

Around 7000 harmful chemicals are present in cigarette smoke, apart from nicotine, out of which almost 400 are carcinogenic. Smoking is the leading cause of premature deaths all around the globe. It also causes many long-term diseases in smokers, sometimes intoxicating their bodies with cancerous cells. Vaping does not lead to all this.

A Body Free Of Toxins:

Since disposable vapes like crystal bar do not produce a significant amount of hazardous residues, like smoking, they are 95% safer to consume. Your body flushes out those chemicals regularly. Once you switch to vaping and no longer consume them, your health will start getting better.

Now you can better understand that vaping is not a medicine that will heal your body overnight from the damages caused by smoking. Instead, it simply does not give rise to the root cause of all problems, and your body gradually heals on its own. Disposable vapes such as elux legend mini are there just to help satisfy your nicotine cravings.

If not restored to its original position, your health will surely stop deteriorating further and even get a little better than its previous condition. Even if it is little progress, it is much better than letting your health go down the drain completely. This whole debate revolves around ex-smokers who switch to vaping.

1.  Elf Bar:

If you want to take your vaping to another level, you should opt for these vape devices. These devices are TPD compliant and are cost-effective.

If you are looking for a device that can help you quit smoking, then you are landed in the right place. Elf bars disposable vape will provide you with 600 puffs. The tanks of these devices are 2ml in which the strength of nicotine can be added up to 20mg.

With 400mAh batteries, these devices will provide you with a quality vaping experience.

2.  Geek Bar:

There are almost 50+ flavours available in these vape devices. Geek bars disposable vapes are user friendly and give you a different range of puffs. You can get a geek bar vape with a 400, 500 and even 1500 puff range.

3.  Dinner Lady Vape:

Dinner Lady vape kits are popular among novice vapers. So many new vapers prefer these devices because they are easy to handle and does not need any special maintenance.

4.  Elux Bar:

Elux Bar is one of the incredible disposable vape devices. These devices are available in 14 enticing flavours. One of the primary features of these devices is that these devices come with different puff ranges. For instance, the mini elux bar offers you 600 puffs, whereas the elux max bar will provide you with 4000 vape puffs.

5.  Amazonia Vape:

With a battery capacity of 550mAh, these devices provide you with 1500 puffs. The best quality of Amazonia vape devices is that they do not provide you with the harsh throat hit nor ruin your taste buds!

6.  IVG Bar:(800 Puffs)

When it comes to high quality vaping, IVG vape bars stand out. The portable and pocket-friendly vape devices are available in almost 19 exquisite flavours. These devices would work best for anyone looking for a compact and convenient vape. 


Whether you are a novice vaper or a vaping expert, these devices would help you in having a great experience of vaping nicotine through medium to delicious flavours. Apart from the devices that are mentioned above, you can also opt for any other advanced vape kit or disposable vape device from different online vape stores. Whether you are buying the vape from an online vape shop or a physical store, keep in mind that only good quality vape can make your vaping experience pleasant.

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