web stories improve your Shopify store

How can web stories improve your Shopify store?


It’s 2022. Internet & technology is ruling the world. People like to do better than others. Everyone wanted a revolutionary solution. Of course with the technology of the modern world we can always do better. That’s why today we are going to talk about a better solution for e-commerce businesses- that is nothing but web stories. 

You might be familiar with the word stories due to social media apps.  Apps such as Instagram,  Facebook, and Snapchat are attracting consumers’ attention with these stories already. And now it’s your turn. This topic is going to get pretty exciting, let’s dive in. 

What are Google Web Stories?

Google web stores are crispy content that is the rich, short, phone-first media shopping experience. These web Stories offer a fresh way to develop full-screen and visually rich content over the web. These Web Stories are easily accessible by swiping or tapping as other story formats. Web Stories are benefited from Google discover and Search. So, you could find them in these places. These are owned by Google and powered by AMP technology. 

How does a Google web story work? 

Google is one of the prominent websites on the internet today. It’s been around for a decade and is still a popular website for anyone who needs to get information about something. Google features its tools that involve Google Web stories. Google web stories make it easy to find potential targets to find you. It enables project setup specific terms as the web stories displayed on search query results you get.  

There is also a default teaser which you can see on every video on the website.  These two features are easily shared across Google Web stories after the setup is done.  You should remember that it takes a few hours to complete the setting. The other tool is quite effective and simple to use. You can also reach your Shopify agency to adjust the web stories that fulfil everyone’s needs.

How are Google Web Stories beneficial for Shopify business? 

Are you ready to create Google web stories then you need to know a few things about it.  Let’s see how web Stories can improve the Shopify store.

1. An unique way to find the site

Thanks to Google’s powerful search engine features, it offers a great chance for Google Web Stories to get displayed in the google images or Google search page. It is a wonderful way to empower the SEO game. As Google Web Stories are personalized, you could also add CTAs or links that attract traffic to the website. Shopify plus agency with a good team of experts can find what links or CTAs would work better in your way. 

2. Well-crafted content

Owning your content is something that you don’t find on other platforms such as social media. Here, you can easily create content that you like through third-party platforms or AMP. That means it’s yours. So, you can do whatever you want with it. Whereas, Shopify merchants can also embed it on their website or can share it. As you get the whole power to create the content for Google web stories as you want, look how can the customers find you. This creates new choices and you get limitless options in your hand. How amazing it is.  

3. Getting customer data

 Shopify owners struggle with getting the data that the consumers are willing to offer. That includes impression, Email info. It is vital to differentiate declared data from inferred data. Inferred data is the consumer data that you gather without their awareness. That includes site references and purchasing behaviours. 

Shopify office specific ways to collect the inferred data but it’s not an easy way. However, web stories help you. Whatever you like to ask consumers you can display via web stories. These Google web stories set them in the right more and explain why they have to go through it.  Customers love discounts or personalised shopping. Add offers in the web store, that can attract more customer’s attention

4. Bring extraordinary experiences to the website.

In case you are looking to get some uniqueness and creativity to the storytelling or blogging for your website. Then these Google web stories offer a full-screen experience and a whole new dimension. Where both desktop and mobile users could see web stories on full screens and descriptions. Make them feel like a huge part of your story.

5. A fun way to attract targets

Anyone with this smartphone and internet scrolling through different topics. People are spending most of their time on their mobile devices. To break the culture and noise of the internet, try to find a niche and share dynamic stories to make the audience keep seeing the content. Also, its various tools such as drag-and-drop options make designing stories intuitive. So, when you come up with a new idea you can find splashy ways to display them. 

6. It’s SEO friendly 

Have I told you that web stories are SEO-friendly? Yeah, SEO is a very important aspect for every Shopify merchant. As these are already SEO friendly you can rank higher in the search engines. That supports businesses connecting landing pages to their sites’ websites.  Now, it makes your business website rank very high in search engines. Then it can attract good traffic that attracts better leads. Here, web stories create an opportunity to design pages, especially for consumers that speak to their needs. That improves conversion rates and offers better leads.

7. Promotes speed and relationship 

While executing Google web stories merchants can specify what content they like to show on their landing pages. For instance, they can display a set of pictures and then leave it blank.  This can improve the website’s speed as it doesn’t need to load every landing page at one time. These are also created to secure landing pages from malicious activities like malware. 

Every one of its security functionalities removes tampering and you don’t have any contact directly with the landing pages. Customers interact, customers can also read, test stories, and leave feedback, and comments or can purchase products. Interacting with consumers develops close relationships and also builds loyalty among the customer 

Top tips while creating effective Google Web Stories

  • Just spare a few minutes to think about what kind of message you would like to communicate with the consumers. And how you want to develop multiple sides. Does the story have a beginning and an end? How do you want your consumer to interact with your products? How it can enhance the end outcome before developing. 
  • Make text clear with visually attractive stories. It is vital that the text Shopify should be easy. And it’s vital to make text simple if ready. And don’t add too contrasting colours with a must background.  
  • Utilise engaging images and videos. They make sure it’s portraits and sized perfectly.
  • Include links and CTA’s in the  Google Web Stories have many Personalised options in terms of adding links to the website. 
  • Test your web store before publishing it.   Run it via Google Web Story if it’s valid. 
  • Most social media platforms let you add captions to videos. That makes it understandable to the people who are seeing without the sound. Now,  Web Stories also allow  VTT caption files. Add these with the WordPress Web Stories plugin.

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