Honda ADV: the 350 and the 750 cm3, which one is better?


The Honda X-ADV 750, a real maxi-scooter superstar, now has a younger sibling. And just because this 350 doesn’t have the big bad appearance or the performance of its predecessor doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty of reasons to make you think twice.

Honda X-ADV 2022: spot for the smaller brother after the bet

When the Honda X-ADV 750 cc debuted in 2017, it raised more than a few eyebrows by combining the DNA of a scooter with those of a trail bike. However, Honda felt it was necessary to give it a go in order to offset the Yamaha T-raging Max’s success. You already know the rest. The X-ADV, which is propelled on two wheels, has become one of Honda’s best-selling models, notably in France. The machine is also on the podium of the most stolen two wheels, which is a proof of its great love rating with us…

Honda is finally producing a light version of his blockbuster for those who are terrified of thugs or just intimidated by the high price of purchase and insurance premiums for this 750 cm3 (the category of maxi-scooters is heavily punished). Because it is not an identical duplicate, the 350 cm3 does not have the right to use the X of its bigger sibling and instead uses the name ADV. In terms of appearance, it is rather different. In comparison to the 750 cm3, this is also the most significant compromise that will have to be made. In fact, the 350 has a more traditional profile with less ORNI (Unidentified Rolling Object). The ADV350 is more understated, with no spoked rims and a reduced ground clearance (14.5 cm vs. 16.5 cm). However, that is its sole flaw…

Is half an X-ADV sufficient?
The huge scooters are certain to entice with their appealing performances and dynamic piloting. But do we really need so much power, and do we have to spend so much for it? The Honda ADV350 answers this question with a resounding no. Yes, its single cylinder lacks the “gnak” of the 750 cm3 bi’ and also produces half the power (29 hp against 58). In absolute terms, however, this mechanism is more than enough. This 350 cm3 joins the party by being energetic on takeoff and not lazy thereafter, allowing you to attain legal speeds without sweating on the highway due to a balancing beam that perfectly contains the usual vibrations of its construction. In short, anyone searching for a tool that is both efficient and affordable will enjoy the 350cc.

A scooter that is safe, simple, and… more practical.
If the X-ADV is the dynamic type to lead, its younger sibling isn’t a penguin. It simply takes a few minutes to get up and running on this Honda scooter, as is typical with Honda. This ADV350 rapidly instills confidence with its easy controls, comfortable driving position owing to the broad handlebars, and well-balanced bike component. The braking is precise and always on the safe side, and those who frequently drive at night will enjoy the LED lighting’s strength. On the practical side, the 350 is also a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, unlike its bigger brother, the X-ADV 750 cm3, which prioritizes looks and can only fit a helmet under the seat, the 350 has a considerably larger hold, which can accommodate your passenger as well. Your rain gear, too, can be packed down a little. Another plus is that its trunk is modular, due to a detachable divider that may be used to block shopping bags, for example. When you add in a glove box with a smartphone connection (USB-C) or even a hands-free key, you’ll see that this ADV has it all…

There are still some issues.
The ADV350 is convincing, even if it does have a few shortcomings. The first gripe is that if you’re under 1.80 meters tall, the machine will prohibit you from being entirely in contact with the ground during maneuvers or red lights. Only the front of the feet will touch the ground, thanks to the substantial ground clearance and broad saddle. Another issue is that this scooter does not provide adequate wind and weather protection. First and foremost, the bubble is under doubt.

Although it may be adjusted over a 13-centimeter stroke, it does not provide adequate protection for the upper body. The legs between which the tank is mounted are also exposed since the fairing is too small to adequately hide them. Finally, and most importantly, this ADV is too tightly suspended and severely displays the highway problems. The saddle will not compensate for the problem since it is thin and has the softness of a tatami.

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