Everything You Need to Know About IRCTC Reservation Charts

Everything You Need to Know About IRCTC Reservation Charts


If you’ve undertaken a train journey, you have probably noticed people scanning the IRCTC chart at the stations to find out the status of their reservations. Generally, the reservation charts are stuck on each railway coach next to the doors. Additionally, the reservation charts are affixed to the notice boards on railway platforms.

When you want to find your ticket confirmation status, you can perform a PNR check or wait for the train chart to get published. RailMitra is a trusted online platform that will assist you in quickly verifying your train PNR status, berth allocation and so on.

Railway Reservation Chart: What Does it Signify?

The confirmed list of travellers, together with their seat/berth allocation and coach number, is displayed on the railway reservation chart. By searching for the correct train numbers, you can immediately find the appropriate chart for your boarding train. The train numbers are printed in bold for the benefit of the passengers and are noticeable from a distance. Before stepping onto the train, passengers often examine the whole list on an IRCTC chart for a confirmed PNR status.

Online IRCTC Reservation Charts

The Indian Railways have chosen to do away with the printed charts as part of the Green Initiative and instead concentrate on e-initiatives. On the IRCTC website, you can quickly look up the train reservation chart. A thorough visual representation of the train layout, berth status, occupancy, and more are illustrated by these charts. The detailed layout and a list of unoccupied berths on a train are shown on the IRCTC chart vacancy. When charting, IRCTC notifies the passengers of their reservation status. Additionally, an IVRS service allows users to check the status of their tickets in real time by calling the helpline number at 139. 

IRCTC publishes the initial reservation chart of a train four hours before its departure time. The second chart, which includes any modifications to seat assignments, is available online 30 minutes before the train’s departure. It includes over 120 distinct coach layouts and the design of the nine classes utilised in Indian Railways’ reserved trains.

Chart Preparation Statuses of Indian Railways

  • Chart Prepared: The full and final list of passengers who will board the train is indicated when the train chart status reads “Chart created.”
  • Chart Not Prepared: This railway charting status implies that there may be modifications to the waitlisted tickets.

How to Access IRCTC’s Online Chart?

Indian Railways has made the railway charts accessible online on the IRCTC website to benefit its customers. After the chart publication, you can verify the status of unoccupied berths on moving trains using the new online tool. Here are the detailed instructions to check the train schedule online.

  • Access the IRCTC website. You’ll find the option of “Charts/Vacancy” click on it to proceed
  • On the next page, mention all the vital information such as boarding location, train number and trip details under the respective fields 
  • After furnishing the required information, select the “Get Train Chart” from the menu
  • Then the reservation chart will get displayed
  • Click on the appropriate coach and class to view the train seat map
  • Choose a specific berth number (whole journey or partially occupied) to learn more about berth occupancy information
  • Different colours are used to depict the berths to reveal their status. Yellow depicts the partially reserved berths, while green denotes the vacant berths

Train Chart Preparation

Usually, four hours before the train’s anticipated departure time, the IRCTC chart preparation begins. Thirty minutes before the train’s exit, the second and final charts are also created. In that case, the passengers can book reservations online or at train reservation counters for the open seats. There are different final chart preparation times for morning, evening, and midnight trains.

Early trains:

The charting is typically completed around 8:00 pm the day before for trains scheduled to depart between 12:00 am and 11:00 am.

Evening trains:

Train charts are prepared three to four hours in advance from the scheduled departure time. 

Mid-night trains:

IRCTC chart preparation for late-night trains is often completed before the previous day’s closing or 8 pm.

Current Reservation System

There is also a feature for current reservations, which allows travellers to purchase their tickets on the day of travel, up until a few hours before the train departs. Even after the creation of the final chart, if any open seats remain, the railways allow reservations based on current availability. Passengers are accommodated in empty berths created by last-minute cancellations after charting under this facility.

The IRCTC chart allows you to verify your eligibility to board the train. Once the final chart is prepared, some of the tickets on the waiting list are confirmed. Passengers are allotted a berth and coach number based on their reservation status, confirmed or RAC, in the final chart. Therefore, you should check the PNR status of tickets frequently to ensure their real-time position.

Checking ticket details using a PNR number with the AI-enriched platform of RailMitra is super easy. It helps you access instant information on the status of your PNR on its website and app. You can even boost your chances of receiving confirmed IRCTC train tickets by using the PNR prediction option on the RailMitra app.

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