Digital Marketing: Text Bulk SMS Vs WhatsApp Bulk SMS

Digital Marketing: Text Bulk SMS Vs WhatsApp Bulk SMS


When it comes to bulk SMS services, both Text Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Bulk SMSs are excellent options. Both platforms, on the other hand, are used for different reasons and purposes.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should use the platform and when you should use it. Using both platforms to market your service or products will yield results, but only if you plan ahead of time and employ some expert tricks and tips. GetItSMS and other related companies provide them with services. All of these platforms, including TheWordText, EasyWaySMS, and 99SMSService, provide top advice, tricks, and tips to their customers on how to approach their target audience.

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Service?

Businesses are jumping on the WhatsApp mass messaging bandwagon, which is rising by leaps and bounds. WhatsApp marketing has become quite popular and simple.

Businesses in Bangalore and other Indian cities are adopting bulk messaging services like WhatsApp Bulk SMS to sell their services and goods.

WhatsApp has become a crucial element of today’s marketing toolkit, with nearly all companies using it to promote their goods and services.

Bulk messaging services have yielded benefits and boosted the company’s image in the marketplace.

There are several ways to use WhatsApp’s bulk SMS service to reach out to your target audience who is seeking WhatsApp, on the other hand, is not the same as mass text messaging, yet both have their benefits in communicating with customers.

When you use this WhatsApp bulk SMS service, you’ll find that all of its capabilities are exceptional, and they can help your company reach its goals and communicate effectively.

WhatsApp has 2 billion active users; your target audience is also on this platform, communicating with friends and family.

Having a high number of active users on this platform, on the other hand, makes the firm appealing, and it provides them with marketing ideas for your services and products through multiple means. When you choose the service, you notice that the services are growing, and businesses are taking advantage of this service to meet their targeted audience.

What Advantages do WhatsApp Bulk SMSs Have? 

Bulk WhatsApp has numerous benefits, and this platform has consistently produced results for businesses.

Businesses utilize WhatsApp bulk SMS to sell their products and services, and they use it to reach out to their target audience in a thorough way.

WhatsApp has a plethora of features that might benefit your business, and all of these features are available for free.

When businesses utilize this bulk SMS service, however, they must apply some methods to get the messages to reach their customers.

We’ve outlined all of the benefits of bulk SMS using Whatsapp below, which will assist your business in reaching out to your target audience. Have a look at the incredible advantages of WhatsApp bulk SMS for your business below.

As a business, you would need to send bulk whatsapp messages that explain your message clearly, concisely, and comprehensively. 

  • You can send video messages just simple videos to your customers through WhatsApp Bulk SMSs. 
  • Send PDFs you can send a well-explained message of your business in PDF format through WhatsApp bulk messaging. 
  • Send an image, through the image you can explain so much more instead of written words. 
  • WhatsApp allows you to send messages with unlimited characters. Which text bulk SMS does not provide.

What are the Limitations of WhatsApp Bulk SMSs?

WhatsApp does not allow marketing on its platform, which may frustrate you.

However, there are several methods to use this platform to help you advertise your business.

You don’t have to be concerned, and we’ve looked into several marketing methods and recommendations for you.

WhatsApp’s platform does not enable businesses to sell their services or products.

There are three key strategies that will assist your company sells its services and goods to a big number of consumers searching for them in the market. 

An Active Internet Connection for WhatsApp Messages

To deliver your messages, WhatsApp will require a constant internet connection.

To receive a message, all users/targeted audiences must have an active internet connection.

Most of the time, your consumers do not have access to the internet, thus your message is delayed in reaching them.

When they connect to an active internet connection, they will get messages, but they will be a bit late.

One of the drawbacks of the WhatsApp bulk SMS service is this.

However, you should see it positively. They’ll get the message, and it won’t be lost in the process. 

Use these three precautions before sending your message to prevent getting blocked.

Even when it appears unattainable, everything in the world has potential.

This is how you may use WhatsApp’s mass messaging service to interact with your consumers.

When you send messages to your consumers, the WhatsApp bulk SMS service will keep your attention all the time.

These three ideas will assist your company in sending messages using WhatsApp bulk SMS service. 

Do not use a new number: To begin, you must determine how old your phone number is and whether or not you are using the WhatsApp program. The phone number you use with WhatsApp must be at least three to six months old. It’s important to note that you must have utilized it to communicate with your friends and family. This will assist you in recognizing yourself as a user rather than a marketer of any service or product. 

Select Less Number of Receivers: Only after you’ve connected with your friends and family for a long time can WhatsApp assist your company in communicating with its clients. When you use WhatsApp bulk messaging, you must pick roughly 45 individuals at a time to deliver your message. I sent the identical messages to another 45 numbers after some time had passed. This would prevent WhatsApp from identifying you as a marketer and allowing you to sell your company’s services and goods using this WhatsApp bulk SMS service provider.

Your Message Writing Style: Type your message such that clients are forced to write a response, and don’t send it to WhatsApp as a marketing message. WhatsApp is one of the few applications with billions of active users that may be used to promote a company’s services or products.

As a result, refrain from writing a message that just promotes your company’s services and goods. If your clients respond to your message in any of the circumstances, your phone number will not be blocked from using WhatsApp.

You’ve probably noticed some occasions when corporations compose messages to display people marketing messages for your company’s services and products. Do not include any marketing messages in your communications, and do not encourage customers to respond to them.

When sending communications to your consumers, use caution. You may avoid having your phone number restricted by using these methods and strategies. However, employing a few methods and ideas will assist your company in reaching out to the people who are most in need of your services and products.

Final thoughts

Both platforms’ services, text bulk SMS and WhatsApp bulk messaging have their unique uses for communicating with your target audience. You will see that both are popular and in-demand when it comes to using bulk SMS services. To communicate with your target audience on both platforms, you must employ some strategies and tips all the time.

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