cloud computing

Define the best characteristics of cloud computing?


These are the characteristics of Cloud Computing:

  1. Cloud Computing — Multiple clients can use the same resources and apps in Cloud Computing on-demand. These Cloud services and resources are available on-demand, and can often be purchased on a subscription basis. There is no need to interact with service providers.
  2. Broad Network Access — Services can be accessed via multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, from anywhere on the Internet.
  3. Resource pooling — Multiple users can use the resources such as virtual server space, network connections and bandwidth simultaneously, from any location.
  4. Rapid Elasticity — This feature allows users to transparently scale up and down resources according to their computing requirements.
  5. Cloud Computing — Measured service — Cloud Computing uses a pay-for what-you-use model, where resource usage can be monitored, measured, and reported transparently based upon utilization.
Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is very popular these days. As businesses rely heavily on data, they are growing worldwide. Cloud computing is the best solution for the current data storage and transfer requirements, which are essential needs of any business growing.

Cloud computing allows businesses to store and transfer large amounts of data from physical storage, to a cloud destination that can then be accessed from anywhere.

Cloud computing is, as it should be, a way to provide on-demand, convenient and ubiquitous access to computing resources.

Origin of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a broad term that refers to a growing number of tools and techniques. The key characteristics of cloud computing are almost identical.

This concept was first popularized by AWS. Cloud computing was developed as an alternative to physical data storage infrastructure. 

This service was first offered by AWS in 2006. Soon after, Microsoft and Google followed suit.

 Cloud services now include everything from software to data infrastructure and various data models. It includes containers, AI, serverless computing and IoT.

Each subset has its own challenges and benefits.

What’s Cloud Computing?

Properties of Cloud computing is a new technology that allows businesses to meet their IT requirements.

 This technical service is available to both individuals and businesses. Good data storage facilities are essential to overcome storage limitations in hardware devices/systems. 

Everybody needs to have a reliable source of resources available at all times.

Cloud computing is here to save the day. Cloud computing offers clients a convenient and simple way to store their data in a secure environment. Many companies now depend on cloud computing for solid solutions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology Concepts & Architecture

An organization needs a solid architecture in order to protect data from being leaked or attacked maliciously. 

Cloud storage is the best way to protect sensitive data. It has strong technical barriers to prevent unauthorized access. 

To access such an infrastructure, you need a secure internet connection.

Nearly everyone has access to the internet, and therefore, cloud storage is available. This storage system is secure enough to protect data from being stolen.

Types Of Cloud Computing

There are three types of cloud computing services:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS).

What Does Cloud Computing Do?

Instead of using pen drives, SSDs or hard disks to store data, people prefer cloud storage for storing and transferring data. In times where most people constantly change their devices, cloud storage services can be lifesavers. Cloud storage saves users the hassle of physically moving data from one device or another. Instead, users can log in to access their stored data from any device.
CONCLUSION:  Cloud computing is a technology that allows businesses and individuals to meet their IT needs. Both individuals and businesses can use this technical service. To overcome storage limitations in hardware devices/systems, it is essential to have good data storage facilities.

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