Assignment hack

7 hacks for every student to complete assignment on time

It is every student  happiness to complete assignment on time and to get good grades.College life is normally demanding,especially if you are working while studying.College schedule is normally very tight.many students finds it very tough to complete their assignment on time.Since they have to balance between the formal employment and course work.Some student take assignment […]

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poor performance by MI

Reasons for Poor Performance by MI in 2022

Mumbai Indians are a leader side once we discuss IPL. they need worked effectively for quite an while with their exhibitions. In any case, the horrible showing by MI isn’t satisfactory at this particular moment. The group is destroyed after they need lost five matches in succession which isn’t definitely worth the effort. It can be said they need done likewise within the year 2015 however that may not the thing it’s. this point around there are 10 […]

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drik panchang

Benefits Of Drik Panchang That Change Perspective

Everything is changing with this modern world. But still India has tried to maintain the two things constant. One is Ayurveda and another is vedic astrology. Drik panchang is an online Hindu calendar. Meaning of Panchang is five angas or limbs. Vaara, thithi, nakshatra, yoga and Karana are those five limbs.   It plays a significant […]

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Flipped Classroom Vs. Flipped Learning: What’s The Difference?

Teachers are always looking for new innovative ways as K-12 education transitions into a new age of technology & personalized education. New teaching methods such as flipped learning and flipped classrooms are gaining traction in the past six months to promote effective learning and student engagement. These two teaching styles are similar but not exactly […]

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