Neon light signs offer illumination and fantastic décor for Halloween during a time when festivities and trick-or-treating take place after dark. Custom LED signage may be the difference between yawns and cries of surprise and excitement, whether you’re simply hanging something unusual in your window for passersby to enjoy or decorating for a private party or community event.

In the evening hours of Halloween, when celebrations and trick-or-treating take place, neon light signs serve both as a source of illumination and as a beautiful decoration. Whether you are merely putting something distinctive in your window for visitors to appreciate or you are decorating for a private party or community event, custom LED signs may be the difference between yawns and yells of surprise and delight.

What Shade Of Neon Color Should I Pick For My Halloween Sign?

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the color of your LED sign. You might choose warm colors like orange, yellow, or warm white to go the typical autumn route. Alternatively, you may go for a Halloween-themed color, like green or purple. Warm white is our most popular color since it goes with any décor. 

Where Can My Halloween Neon Sign Be Displayed?

Make a plan for where you want to place your LED sign before you purchase it. Our most popular display option is hanging; we can drill holes into the sign’s acrylic backing and give you a hanging kit. All of our LED signs come with plugs, so make sure there is an outlet close by where your sign will be placed. Create a coffee station in your home if you enjoy drinking coffee. We especially like this one, which you could copy and freshen up with an LED sign.

If you don’t want to go crazy with the typical Halloween sentiments, a sign inspired by a pumpkin spice latte is a terrific way to give your coffee station an autumnal atmosphere. Imagine how stunning a “pumpkin spice and everything nice” orange LED sign would look in your kitchen! Your LED neon Halloween Light could also be placed in a window. If you go all out for Halloween, this is a terrific option because it lets people know that your door is available to trick-or-treaters.

Make Neon Light Signs Using Creepy Phrases and Words

Custom LED signs with seasonal slogans and phrases can leave a lasting impact in addition to visual designs, which are excellent for Halloween parties and house decorations. These are only a few of the most practical and well-known solutions. Although you have a variety of typefaces to pick from, we suggest handwriting or print so that everyone can understand and appreciate the sign’s message. A script that flows well is also more attractive than frightening.

1 – Boo! — This scary term nicely captures the holiday in one short, straightforward sentence. Also, think of combining it with other words like “Boo! I saw you!” and equivalent phrases.

2 – Hocus Pocus – This original term for eerie magic is ideal for your Halloween celebration. Fantastical objects that exist outside of reality are all the trendy now. For maximum impact, pair phrases like this with the witch’s hat offered in the package with a jack-o’-lantern.

3 – Eye of Newt

Continue with the third line of the Shakespearean sonnet that lists all the gross components of a magical concoction in “Eye of Newt.” These include a dog’s tongue, a bat’s wool, and a frog’s toe. To make the best effect, hang it on the wall above the punch bowl cauldron.

4 – Be Afraid – You can create an eerie atmosphere for your special occasion by hanging a neon light sign warning of dangerous things nearby. Beware, watch out, or simply warn are further alternatives.

5 – Trick or Treat – Everybody is familiar with this catchphrase used by children asking for candy on Halloween night. For family-friendly gatherings, it is an entertaining and not too-frightening alternative. It would also be a wonderful decoration to hang in a window or over your front entrance to invite guests inside.

A few additional amazing LED sign ideas are:

  • Parking a broom
  • Crossing of a black cat
  • It’s Halloween time!
  • Give up on your hopes, ye who enter here.
  • If You Dare, Enter
  • Happy Hollow’s Eve

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