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Benefits Of Drik Panchang That Change Perspective


Everything is changing with this modern world. But still India has tried to maintain the two things constant. One is Ayurveda and another is vedic astrology. Drik panchang is an online Hindu calendar. Meaning of Panchang is five angas or limbs. Vaara, thithi, nakshatra, yoga and Karana are those five limbs.  

It plays a significant role in telling about the shubh muhurat. All the religious events took place according to shubh- muhurat only. Drik panchang tells about the best time for religious events like: marriage, starting a new job etc. and also for other religious events. 

You can know about all the important dates, muhurat and vidhi of this year by  following the panchang calendar 2022, it has all the information about the coming festivals.Panchang also gives us the proper information about fasting days .Apart from all these it have features like  vivah muhurat, griha pravesh muhurat, rashi phal, aupicious yoga, bhadra vichar, panchak,ganda and mool

What is the role of drik panchang in finalizing the marriage date?

Finding a marriage date is quite a long process. Many factors are taken into consideration while finding a valid marriage date. 

Let’s discuss some of the factors with the help of today panchang calendar.

  1. Solar month: Except chaturmas  the whole solar month is considered for marriage.

Marriage should be held only when the sun passes through the following rashis: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius.

  1. Marriage is a very auspicious occasion. Therefore it should not be held during Adhika masa , Kshaya Masa and Chaturmas. According to hindu calendar 2022 Pitru paksha  or Mahalaya Shraddha
  2. Karnas are another important factor for marriage dates . Marriage is prohibited during these 4 karans (Vishti,Shakuni, Chatushpada, Nagava)
  3. It is said that if someone does marriage in these karnas. It can cause family issues and also the death of the bride and groom.
  4. Tithi and weekdays are also considered to finalize the date of marriage 

According to Panchang calendar 2022,  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered good for marriage

Dwitiya (2), Tritiya (3), Panchami (5), Saptami (7), Ekadashi (11) and Trayodashi (13) Tithis are best for marriage.Whereas Rikta Tithis Chaturthi (4), Navami (9), Chaturdashi (14) should be avoided.

All these factors are very important for marriage. If you don’t consider these factors then it can affect your family along with your partner.

What information does drik panchang provide you?

1: sunrise and sunset: The correct timings of sunrise and sunset are given too much importance while referring to Jyotish or astrology. The position of the Sun and moon are considered too important while making all these calculations.

2: Moonrise and moonset: Moonrise and Moonset both play an essential role in the Hindu calendar 2022. They help in calculating good times and important times to initiate the work.

3: Shaka samvat: It is an Indian official civil calendar established in 78 AD.

4: Amanta month: It is the month which ends with a lunar or no moon day.

5: Purnimantha month: The Hindu month, which ends with the Purnima day or full moon day, is known as Purnimantha month. 

6: Sun sign and moon sign: The personality and zodiac signs of the man are based upon its sun sign, and its moon sign as per drik panchang indicates the second most essential factor of a person’s character.

7:Paksha: Paksha is the two parts of the tithi. The two paksha are named as Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.

The Auspicious good time according to drik panchang 

Dainik panchang gives us information about the favorable times:

Abhijit Nakshatra: This is the most essential  time of  panchang. Brahma begins to introduce in the Makra or Capricorn zodiac.

Amrit Kalam: This is the one of the best period for annaprasana sanskara and similar rituals. The time is accounted to be suitable for starting any new work. 

Know about the bad time according to drik panchang 

All-time is not good for doing some important work. The Hindu calendar states that for doing special work there are four shubh ghadi Amrit, Shubh, Labh, and Char. From online panchang, it is found that there are 3 ashubh ghadi Udveg, Rahu kaal, and Rog. you should not start any important or special work during the ashubh ghadi.  

Know the question arise how to find the right time for your work? 

According to Indian astrology, the subh ghadi is divided into 8 parts starting form sunrise to sunset. 

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