Manage Multiple Mailboxes in Outlook

An Accurate Way to Manage Multiple Mailboxes in Outlook


This page will show users the proper way to manage multiple mailboxes in Outlook. As we are familiar with the advanced features of Microsoft Outlook, it is the one and only email client that allows users to configure more than one account in Outlook.
As we know, there is always a poor side to any advantage if it’s not managed properly. Users configured or created numerous accounts without any knowledge of managing the mailboxes. These multiple accounts create conflicts and cause deletion, corruption, missing data, or errors. Just make sure you have a basic knowledge of using multiple accounts to avoid these clashes.

How to Manage Multiple Mailboxes in Outlook?

We are describing the way in six steps with elaboration at each step.

  • Move between the email accounts.
  • Search for emails from other accounts.
  • Adding folders to each account
  • Sending emails from different accounts.
  • Removing the account from Outlook
  • Merge the multiple data files into one (PST merge tool).

Move Between the Email Accounts.

When switching the email account from one account to another, users have to select the inbox and use the dragging and dropping technique to switch.

Search for Emails from Other Accounts.

Let us tell users that Outlook does not give permission to move or view all emails in one mailbox. The emails show up in different folders from different emails. This makes your Outlook look confused with folders if you are a multi-account user.

You have the option of a search box, which helps you in searching or finding the appropriate mail, or you can change the location of the mailbox to all mailboxes.

This makes the task of finding emails, calendars, notes, etc., easy and reliable.

Adding Folders to Each Account

Users can add folders by right-clicking on their account and clicking on the New Folder Option.

This folder will appear as a child of your right-clicked email account.

Sending Emails from Different Accounts

Users will get an extra option while sending emails if they are multiple account users. The “New Emails” option changed to the “From Line” option. This option will help users choose the email account they want to use while sending an email.

If users require to forward mail from the account to another account, then just click on forward and enter the email IDs in the “from” and “to” options.

Removing the Account from Outlook

Users just need to follow the 2 steps to remove the account from the Outlook email client. Right-click on the email account that you want to remove and click on “Remove account details.”

A permission dialog box appears and grants the following: “YES” and “NO”. Click on “yes” and you are done.

A Perfect Approach to Managing Multiple Mailboxes in Outlook

This process will make you understand how difficult it is to manage multiple accounts in one Outlook application. It may cause errors and the deletion of the database. To resolve these issues, use third-party software, which makes the task easy and flexible with Outlook accounts. The utility helps users merge their PST files to make them easily accessible.

Track the below steps for merging PST files.

  • Download and install PST Merge on your machine.
  • Choose a few PST files.
  • Choose between the merge and join options.
  • Merge into the New PST/Existing PST/Outlook Profile.
  • Select your mailboxes and click the Next button.

The Advantage of Automatic Tools

  1. Easy-to-use interface with superior functionality.
  2. Merge multiple accounts’ PST files into a single PST file.
  3. Supports PST files that are archived, networked, active, or password protected.
  4. Combine the UNICODE and ANSI files.
  5. Merge into a new PST, an existing PST, or an Outlook profile.
  6. Microsoft Outlook 2019 and Windows 10 are compatible with this software.

Final Words

In conclusion, we discussed how to manage multiple mailboxes in Outlook. We described six steps with a detailed explanation for better understanding. But the manual steps are hectic to use and require a lot of time and patience, So here we are suggesting the Outlook PST merger software to manage multiple accounts of Outlook. As the tool will give users a perfect solution to this problem, and make Outlook easier to use. Try the demo version for the working of the software for better satisfaction

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