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8 Best Android Programming or Development Tools in 2022

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We all are well aware of the two main operating systems known as android and iOS that have changed how we communicate and use a device for entertainment purposes. Since digitalisation rapidly increased in the 21st century, mobile applications have been made. We saw many technological developments taking place at a fast rate, increasing the demand for apps. Though there was an increase in web applications, mobile apps outdid them. Speaking of the two central operating systems, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that android programming won the competition.

Many people still argue about the iOS software being elite. Though we might agree to some extent seeing its unique features and functions while integrating with next-generation technologies, the android apps are used more than any other software. This clearly shows its simple and interactive interface gives its users the ultimate experience at a much lower cost than iOS. Hence, increasing the competition. Seeing its wide usage worldwide, many assume android software development to be an easy task. In reality, it is equally a challenging task, undergoing the same methods as any other software.

What is android programming?

Let’s start with the explanation of android. What is android? It is an operating system for smartphones. It is an advanced version of the Linux kernel and open-source software. Moreover, the android software creates feature-rich apps for various devices using multiple programming languages like Java, C++, Kotlin, etc. The Android SDK has some unique functions that make it a success. However, Java outdoes every other android programming language with its great support system catering to a large number of users. However, its software development requires in-depth knowledge of Java. It means companies need experts that have a firm grip on this language.

Java is a programming language widely used by developers and companies globally to gain from its unlimited benefits. Since it is the easiest coding language that beginners can learn, its exposure is vast. Many developers or experts in this language often learn other languages to serve a broader market and create a competitive advantage. It facilitates them in the long run as they can guide businesses well and develop highly functional android apps. Open your Plat Store now, and you will find countless android applications available for every industry. When compared to iOS, these developers win the game in building apps faster and efficiently while integrating next-age technologies with the help of robust tools.

7 Android Development Tools

  1. Android Studio

It is one of the best android app development tools preferred by developers worldwide. Google created it in 2013. The tool is known for its code editing, debugging and testing abilities which help develop a user-friendly interface, leveraging a drag-and-drop feature. Its simple development and usage attract developers and consumers to use it for every other development. Since it is a free tool, anyone can download it from Google. Companies or individuals looking for innovative features or functions usually opt for Android Studio as their Android software development tool.

  • Eclipse

Another programming or software development tool, Eclipse, was one of the go to tools before Android Studio, where developers relied blindly on it. It was an official IDW for all the android app development. However, with time other tools took over. Though Google no longer supports this tool, many companies or developers still use it to create simple or cross-platform applications that work seamlessly with all the android programming languages.

  • Fabric

Fabric is another android software platform that enables businesses to create advanced mobile applications with its SDKs. It even allows developers to choose the SDKs themselves to meet their requirements. These software development kits facilitate developers with beta testing, marketing and advertising tools. Twitter is such an example of mobile app development on this platform. Google acknowledged the platform or tool and, later in 2017, purchased it from Twitter. Other than this, many other well-known companies like Spotify, Yelp, Uber, etc., use Fabric to develop mobile applications.

  • ADB

The Android Studio supports a command-line tool, Android Debug Bridge. It enables the communication between all the android devices and computers used in the development process, debugging and QA. Further, developers can modify both devices by connecting the android device to other PC development and feeding a series of terminal commands to get the job done.

  • Genymotion

Companies looking for an android emulator often end their search at Genymotion, allows developers to test and preview applications on more than 3000 devices. It is a cross-platform tool that supports multiple android programming languages. Many of you may recognise it from the gaming industry, where it comes pre-installed with images and graphics, which makes the testing process much more manageable. Unlike testing any application on real android devices, it boasts greater speed.

  • FlowUp

The incredible tool allows developers to monitor the app’s performance in real-time. Its dashboards track the stats and metrics like disk usage, CPU, bandwidth, memory usage, etc. One of the most successful software tools makes the app development process much easier and faster. However, since it is not free, the developers need to subscribe to this SaaS solution monthly. Here the price of the tool is usually decided by the number of FlowUp users in a company. So, the next time you want to use advanced features or track your statistics, you know which tool to choose.

  • IntelliJ IDEA

Developers searching for the ultimate, modern data programming get their hands on IntelliJ IDEA. T is an advanced programmer productivity tool that comes with a complete suite of development tools tapping into some next-level features while facilitating from its fast speed. It has two versions. One is a free, open-source community version and an extended version that is free for students for a year. Besides this, it has a paid version for multinationals or developers who want to gain a competitive edge over the others and pays $149 per year to create unique applications.

App development has never been an easy task, especially when choosing the right software development tools for android programming. Though few might get confused when deciding on an operating system, the best choice is always android. There are more android users than iOS, which helps companies reach a broader target audience in less time.

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