Among the variety of innovations taking place in the economy, solar has been the most incredible addition among all. Although there is a proliferation of solar power in India, there are a lot of myths surrounding solar power. Leading solar EPC companies in Gurgaon have been working to the best of their expertise to provide for the most sought-after solar technology, so as to bust the myths revolving around this green sustainable technology. Sarrvad has been the leading solar brand name people reckon with when it comes to selecting sustainable and economical solar options. Be it solar light for home in Gurgaon, solar travel camera bag, solar generator in Delhi, solar LED street lights and much more. Sarrvad has convenient solar options for every client ranging from household to commercial sector.

Solar being the green source still contradicts with the idea of many, ranging from people thinking against this clever technology. As they say, “Trust begets trust”. The solar industry has been facing numerous solar myths that are entirely baseless with no metal to them. That’s why solar is one such industry, that even after being so renowned, still needs more authentication and validation for mass consumption.

Some of the popular listed solar energy myths and facts are as follows:

  1. Myth- Solar Photovoltaic systems are expensive

Fact– The price of installing a solar PV system has come down significantly over the years with reduced prices of the components used. The users can easily avail loan or other financing options and net metering options to feed in extra power to the grid to enjoy credit.

  • Myth- Solar does not work in cloudy weather conditions

Fact– Although the power output of the solar panels on a cloudy day may be less but they can still produce power with 10%-20% of their capacity. On partly cloudy days, solar can be affected by phenomenon known as ‘Edge of the cloud’ effect, where the sunlight is magnified by the edges of the clouds which can increase the output of the installed solar panel. The power of the output system also depends on the types of solar panel used as the ones from Sarrvad perform exceptionally well with better performance in cold temperatures.

  • Myth- Solar panels require regular maintenance

Fact– Solar panels hardly require any maintenance because of the absence of any moving parts. The solar photovoltaic systems from Sarrvad are capable of lasting longer for over 15 years with a performance warranty of 25 years. These only requires mild cleaning to remove dust collected on the solar panels. They are capable of producing a steady output for a long period of time without much loss of efficiency.

  • Myth- Solar panels need a battery to store the electricity

Fact– Battery is not needed in case of the grid tied system. In this scenario, the grid works as a virtual battery with adjustment system. There is a bi-directional meter that sends excess power and in the case of excess power needed by the loads, power is taken from the grid.

  • Myth- Solar tracking systems are a must-have

Fact– A solar PV system can still work well without Tracking system if it is installed at an optimum angle. Although tracking systems track the path of the sun in order to generate maximum power, a solar PV system works well without tracking system, if it is installed at an optimum angle to receive maximum light. Tracking systems can make the solar PV systems more expensive and the maintenance of the system also increases.

  • Myth- Solar batteries are meant for people who want to go off-grid

Fact– For many, going solar and adding a battery is a way to become independent and rely less on the grid and your local utility. Most solar houses are ‘grid-tied’, which is actually a best-of-both-worlds scenario. Your home can still draw energy from the utility if your panels aren’t producing enough power to run everything in your home. Virtual power plants (VPPs) reduce the strain on grid in high-demand communities and thus, resulting in more reliable power for all.

  • Myth- Solar decreases the value of your home

Fact- There has been a common misconception that solar can have a negative impact on the value of your property. Instead, the truth is that solar has a real chance of increasing your home’s value. That may not be enough to cover the cost of the solar lighting system, but combined with potential savings and the benefits of clean energy, it’s indeed a great deal. Especially considering that even if your panels cost the same monthly as buying power from your utility, you aren’t receiving a kickback at closing for using standard electricity.

Amidst plenty of myths doing the rounds about solar, the question is- Is it worth to go solar? The answering is undoubtedly a resounding YES! Sarrvad has always been a name to rely on, when deciding to go solar on a budget. As solar can help you save money, produce clean energy that is good for the planet and alleviate strain on the aging grid, so that everyone can enjoy more reliable power.

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