5 Ways to Pick a Car Horn Brand

5 Ways to Pick a Car Horn Brand – Detailed Review


Car horns are the means of communication while you are on the road. You cannot just shout “hey, move away”. Besides, animals won’t understand your language but a loud horn can draw their attention and they will move away. Bosch car horns sell like hot cake! Let’s see what factors should be judged before picking a car horn brand.

Choosing the best car horn

Let us explore how to choose the best car horns to let people know you are right near them.

Driving on Indian roads

It is not surprising that in India your safety isn’t fully in your hands. It is in the hands of speeding vehicles. You cannot be very confident even if you stay in your lane. You need to check rash drivers and so a horn is indeed necessary for our country.

Upgrade from cheap horns

If you want to drive without worrying through the lanes and traffic then consider upgrading your horn. Sometimes, even the industry-fitted horns are not good enough in many cars and bikes. Use a renowned brand so that it doesn’t fail in the rainy season or suddenly when you are trying to cut through traffic. This can land you in trouble!

Always prefer trumpet or symphony horns. These are not only aesthetic and look like trumpets at a wedding but also sound good and are of high quality which will last lost and will survive extreme conditions.

Check the loudness and quality for yourself

Horns should be loud but not jarring and ear-piercing. For a better selection, try to listen to each horn individually side by side which will clear your confusion. Select a harmonious horn that is enough to alert fellow drivers and at the same time pleasing to hear. People should not be annoyed by horns.

Some cars like the Maruti Suzuki Alto still come with a single horn. Single horn doesn’t produce a satisfying result and you can consider replacing them with dual horns like windtones and symphonies. Single horns are also not loud enough.


While choosing a horn, never forget to check the warranty. For most renowned manufacturers like Bosch, you may never need to claim the warranty but a longer warranty period gives you assurance of the product quality.

India’s top 3 best selling horns

Bosch Symphony Horn

Bosch symphony horn works on 12V. The low tone frequency is 420 Hz and the high tone horn emits 500 Hz. Sound intensity is around 105-118 decibels. This is a symphony horn and is the sweetest to hear. People also call this the Creta horn as the sound of this horn resembles the horn of Hyundai Creta.

MRP of this product is rs 731 Including taxes. It can be used for various 4-wheelers.

Roots windtone

It also works on 12V and the horn specifications are somewhat similar to the Bosch one. The low tone frequency is 420 hz and high tone is 500 hz. The loudness is similar at 105-118 decibels.

MRP of this one is 698 including taxes. It is compatible with universal vehicles but it is ideal for 4-wheelers.

Hella blue sapphire windtone horn

This is also for a 12V circuit where the low tone sound is of 400 hz and high tone 500 hz. Loudness is 110 decibels.

MRP is rs 701. 

These are also Amazon bestsellers.

We have made a comparison for you:

Among these three, the Bosch symphony feels the loudest and then the Roots, and lastly Hella. The sound produced by Hella is bassier than the other two.

Roots and Bosch sound somewhat similar but the Roots horn is a bit sharper whereas Bosch is a bit louder.

If you see the specifications of Hella, it has a lower frequency hence it sounds less sharper and is bassier.

But if you want to enjoy a pleasant sound then I think you should go with the Bosch which is not very sharp to hurt the ears and is loud enough to announce to the traffic.

Horns generally fit in all cars but still if you are confused about the size then use the existing horn as a comparison for the size.

Are loud horns legal?

Many states have a volume limit on passenger cars. In India, horns have loudness of between 100 to 150 decibels. Try to purchase a horn within this limit and never try stunts such as installing an air horn in your car.

Air horns are used only in heavy vehicles such as trucks and trains. If you use it as a prank or daily driver then you will fall into trouble. You may be fined and also have angry passersby shouting at you.

Also note, you shouldn’t unnecessarily honk a horn late at night or early morning. This will disturb the neighbors and you may be fined.

Many hospital campuses ban the use of horns and in general, you should avoid using horns at the hospital perimeter.
Those were some of the factors when considering a brand for the purchase of car horns. Bosch Symphony seems the perfect choice for most of you. Don’t miss out on our other car modification accessories like car bumpers, hazard lights, and whatnot.

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