5 ways to boost Instagram reach organically in India

5 Ways to boost Instagram reach organically in India


Instagram reach refers to the number of accounts on whose screen your reel is viewed at least once.

Instagram is a social media platform, and more than 230 million people use Instagram in India, although the number of users worldwide is more than 2 billion. The purpose of using Instagram is for entertainment, knowledge, and earning money, and users also like and follow you only when they see a mix of these things in your content.

By which they see your content and your Instagram reach increases.

According to the algorithm of Instagram, when the views on your reels increase, your posts are visible to more people, expanding your reach even more.

The higher the reach of your account, the better the impact on the engagement rate of your account. So if you want to know how to increase your reach on Instagram.

Then this article can be very beneficial for you because, in this article, you can learn about some ways to increase reach:

Find your optimal posting time: 

The timing of posting the Post at the right time plays an essential role in increasing your Instagram reach.

Posting the Post at the right time is when most of the users are active on Instagram so that your Post is likely to reach most people, and when the Post reaches more people, it boosts Instagram’s reach.

The best time to post on Instagram is Wednesday at 11 am because this time is midday and mid-hour due to. More people interact with Instagram at this time, which is likely to increase the reach of the Post. Apart from this, you can post on your Instagram account at the time when you have observed that most of the users are active on 

Instagram at this time so that more waves, likes, and comments can come on your Post, and your account’s Insta reach will be more prominent.

Experiment with videos: 

You have to find such photos and videos on which you think that posting those videos and pictures will increase the engagement rate on your account. Because if you post such that the user is engaged with your Post, then the user sees your Post at least once, which leads to Instagram reach increase.

You can also create and post videos on trending sounds and themes so that when a user views the reels of that sound, your reels also appear on that page.

Curate user-generated content:

Posting user-generated content on your account is an excellent chance to attract users whose likes you post content and boost Instagram reach. 

Whenever you post on Instagram, your audience presents their opinion about that content and tells you which topic you should create so that you create the accordion of their choice and when the audience likes the content. If this happens, the engagement increases, which means that the Insta also reach increases.

Host contests & ask the question to encourage engagement: 

Asking questions and calling for action is another great way to get your audience to interact with your Post because when you ask your audience a question or give a giveaway, it attracts more people to your Post. Your Post gets more likes, comments, and shares than any regular post, so you can also use it to boost Instagram reach.

That’s why you should plan to call to action, ask questions and give ways in your posts from time to time so that more users can interact with your content and Instagram reach can increase.

Go live on Instagram: 

This is also an excellent way to increase Instagram reach that you come to live on your Instagram account because when you come live on Instagram, you get to talk to your audience in this live session and answer their questions in real time. Without any filters and editing. These are excellent ways to engage Instagram audiences because audiences get to see and know you in real time, which increases audience engagement.

You can tell your audience what day and time you will come to live on Instagram through Instagram Story so that more audiences can join your live session.


Based on the above analysis, it is concluded that Insta reach refers to the number of accounts on which your reels are viewed once. Instagram reach is a little different from Instagram impressions. You can buy Indian Instagram views. While Instagram reach refers to the number of people viewing your content, Instagram impressions, on the other hand, refers to the number of times the content is displayed, whether that content is clicked or not. You can follow some of the above steps to increase the reach of your Instagram. Content plays a vital role in expanding the reach because when the content is good, there is every possibility to increase the reach of your Post.

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