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5 best trekking destination in Mumbai



The bustling coastal city of Mumbai might be known far and wide for its urbanization and coast but the fact that the natural artifacts are still preserved is quite an untold story. These are some significant places to trek in and around the bustling city of Mumbai. Here are some secret trek trails in the city of dreams.

  1. Kalsubai Trek

Undoubtedly this tops the list. At a distance of 155km from the city center and an elevation of 1,646 meters is the highest peak in the state of Maharashtra. The Kalsubai mountain range is present in the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary found in the Bari village of Bhandardara. People flock to the sunrise/sunset point in the mountains that has a magnificent view of the world below. Also known for night trekking, the mountain attracts trekkers who are looking for a quick adventure and in the outskirts of Mumbai. The friendly villagers help out tourists and hikers making it safe for solo adventures. As this mountain is on the Deccan plateau, the view from the top overlooks the green and elegant outskirts. As the mountain is close to the sanctuary it gives an aerial view of the graceful mountains which also houses the Alang Fort. The thick forests and rocky ridges gleaming the rising sun is a view that redefines nature itself.

  1. Kanheri Caves Trail

 Kanheri Caves Trail is a secret trail found very close to the busy Mumbai city. This secret trail is in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There are multiple trails here, one could choose as per convenience. This easy trail is for all ages, as it is an easy trek through the National Park itself and ends at a small cliff. Due to conservation measures, nature here is left untouched. The conserved flora and fauna are kept to themselves thereby preserving its purity. This trial is accompanied by the serene beauty of the national park and ends at a view of the busy suburbs of Mumbai. Trickling streams and the Salient lush thick forests could result in a pleasant trek that opposes the bustling city.

  1. Chinchoti Waterfalls Trek

Found in a mystery trail along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, this muddy trail leads to a magical Chinchoti waterfall. Just an hour’s drive from the crowded city, this magical waterfall trek is a must-try. The trail wades its way through forest which is dense forests of the Tungareshwar National park. The soft chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaf enhances the mood of this trail. The muddy trail is better explored with a guide. Following the soothing sounds of the waterfall, the destination is reached. The Waterfall is a blissful sight as the water trickling through the rocky slope eludes stress and opens a portal to another world. This trek is a quick yet blissful adventure and not to forget that it is very close to the city.

  1. Kamandurg Fort

This is another secret trail found in the Tungareshwar National Park. This trek is quite adventurous one. The muddy trail starts at a small village near Vasai. The gradual ascent is an easy route that threads through the National Park to reach the Fort. A silent stream of water accompanies the trail before the rocky path starts. The entire trek would last a few hours. The trail on the other hand is through the dense vegetation of the Tungareshwar national Park has the essence of rich flora and fauna. Steep ridges of the mountainside give the view of the entire Sanctuary. Thick green mountain slides and light fresh meadows are the kind of landscape one can experience here. The Fort on the other hand dictates the pride of the Peshwa Headquarters that flourished in the 1730s. The unmistakable water storage ponds on the way are an architectural marvel.

  1. Rajmachi Fort Trail

Nestled in the Sahyadri mountains, is the remains of what was once a strategic fort built for the Anglo-Maratha War. Two different trek routes to choose from to reach the seat of the Royal view. The tough trek from the Kondivade village or the easy pace up the Lonavala route. Rugged with the thick vegetation of the Sahyadri range, the fort gives a panoramic view of the Valley below. Trek to a 2670 ft would require the right dose of enthusiasm and adrenaline. 

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