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5 best camping destination in Mumbai



Mumbai is one of the most populous cities of India where there is rush in everyone’s lives. These Camping Locations will be filled with beauty and a lot of fun, an ideal destination for all the nature lovers. It is the offbeat destination that adds prestige to this big city, Mumbai. Sometimes, you want to run away and wish to relax. So, if you need break from the hustle bustle of the city and looking for such places in Mumbai or nearby, here are some gateway to explore and have a refreshing experience:

1. Pawna Lake: 

Pawna Lake Camping in Mumbai is one of the spell-bounding destinations for one day outing and picnic spot with your family and friends. It is situated near Lonavala hill station. Pawna Lake is one of the most amazing camping locations around Mumbai and Pune. If you are looking for a fascinating experience in a tent, under the sky, next to the lake beside a bonfire on the foot of a mountain then this will be the best choice. You can also enjoy free activities such as cricket, badminton, soft archery, dart game and more. The sunrise of this location is marvellous. The camping trip to Pawna Lake will take you to explore the historical forts. This is the ideal place for camping and enjoying all positive emotions. This place will also take you to explore the historical forts. So, this place is definitely not to be missed.

2. Karnala: 

Karnala is 48 kms away from Mumbai. Karnala is popular for the bird sanctuary located at the base of Karnala fort. For travellers both fort and sanctuary are a delight to watch. The comfort of the place lies in the spacious tents, clean and hygienic environment. Also the activities organised here are fun and entertaining. You can lead to the main trail up to the mountain with a variety of flora and fauna through the multiple routes inside the sanctuary. For all the adventure lovers, Karnala fort is highly recommended where you can find peace and enjoy nature’s beauty with some fun while doing camping activities.

3. Vasind: 

Vasind is the ideal place for night camping around Mumbai. It is 63 kms away from Mumbai and here the weather is great throughout the year. Vasind offers a picturesque view which makes you astonished. Apart from camping activities, you can enjoy water sports like river rafting, kayaking and long walks in the serene woods. Adding to that you can also enjoy fishing in the Bhatsa river. Vasind is one of the calm locations around the big city, Mumbai where you can relax and have a peaceful experience.

4. Bhatsa River: 

Bhatsa lake which is close to Mumbai and Thane formed by the dam on the Bhatsa river where you can camp. It is one of the fun camping locations for family vacations, group of friends where you can have a good time while doing a lot of activities like bird watching, fishing, archery, and natural trails. The river flows through the thick vegetation of the valley which is an enjoyable spectacle. The hills, the woods, the lustrous foliage and the river make it an exciting spot. This place is perfect to spend the weekend and enjoy the chilly breeze off the river and watch the sunset over the trees and in the night a bonfire and comfortable tents make it even more exciting. Bhatsa lake is favourite for the bird watchers throughout the year. This camping will definitely let you escape from the hectic city life.

5. Shirota Lake: 

Shirota Lake is situated in Lonavala, Maharashtra. This place is a chance to explore an offbeat destination which you would love to visit again and again. The trail will take you to the Shirota lake camping, where you need to reach the campsite based in Lonavala and then you are all set to explore the jungles near to Shirota Lake. The best time to camp is in the winter with night time temperature ranging from 12-15 degrees. The place is surrounded by dense forests where travellers can enjoy the wildlife, walking through the green landscape. Spending a night in the lap of nature beside a lake and enjoying watching the stars constellation with our own bonfire is undoubtedly a great adventure.

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