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5 Benefits of Availing Personal Loan from Fullerton InstaLoan app


About a decade ago, applying for a personal loan used to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. People found visiting the lender’s office and completing the formalities a complex and burdensome process involving a lot of paperwork. Today, an individual in need of immediate funds can quickly install one of the best loan apps in India on a smartphone and get a personal loan within minutes. Fullerton India InstaLoan app is one such app that makes the best use of technology to simplify the loan process.

Installing a loan app for instant access to funds is a wise decision. For those who are still on the fence unable to decide whether or not to use a personal loan app, here are the five benefits they may get by installing it today.

Top 5 Benefits of Availing Personal Loan from Fullerton InstaLoan app:

  • 24/7 Loan Availability

The best thing about using loan apps is that they are available 24/7, right at the user’s fingertips. No matter when and where an individual requires money, they may apply for the required loan within minutes from their smartphones. Whether there is a last-minute wedding expense, a spontaneously planned vacation, or a medical emergency, there is no need to wait for the lender’s working hours. Using an instant loan app, an individual may apply for a personal loan even on the weekend or during non-working hours.

  • Zero Paperwork

Most prospective borrowers are afraid of the extensive paperwork to apply for a personal loan. However, most online loan apps in India support a 100% loan procedure, including paperless documentation.

With the zero paperwork facility, applicants no longer need to visit the lender’s office to submit the papers. They can scan the necessary documents and upload them through the app to complete their application process. Therefore, the facility of paperless documentation makes the application process easier for the applicants. Besides that, lenders use automated processes to verify the uploaded documents, accelerating the loan process and sanctioning loans faster.

  • Fast Approval and Disbursal

Collateral-free personal loans do not involve any security, guarantor, or collateral. They do not require any paper documents either. Most loan apps in India support a 100% loan procedure, ranging from application and documentation to approval and disbursal. Therefore, it becomes easier for the lenders to approve and disburse loans faster than the traditional way.

For instance, the Fullerton India loan app instantly confirms an applicant’s eligibility as soon as they provide the required details and upload the documents. Once approved, they disburse the loan amount directly into the applicant’s bank account within 24 hours.

  • Assured Safety

Since applying for a loan through an app requires the applicant’s financial information, many individuals are skeptical about leaving their details online. That is why it is crucial to confirm an app’s credibility and safety measures before entering any requested details. 

The Fullerton InstaLoan app is 100% trustworthy and safe because of its connection with Fullerton India, one of India’s most reputed NBFCs. They keep the applicant’s information completely private and confidential and never share it with anyone without the user’s permission. Besides that, advanced encryption methods keep all information safe with the lender without any chance of hacking.

  • Access to Useful Online Tools

Loan applicants need multiple tools to make their loan process easier and faster. Many loan apps provide these tools, enabling applicants to make their decisions appropriately. A loan eligibility calculator is one tool applicants may use to determine if they qualify for the lender’s loan. If yes, the tool also helps them know the loan amount they are eligible for and move to the next steps.


Another valuable tool in a loan app is a personal loan EMI calculator. It is an excellent tool applicants may use to calculate their approximate EMI amount, depending on which they may select their loan tenure. Most personal loans have flexible repayment terms borrowers choose according to the EMI amount they may afford. Longer-term leads to a small EMI amount but high-interest outgo, whereas a shorter-term leads to a high EMI amount but low-interest cost. So, using an EMI calculator helps make informed loan-related decisions.

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Looking at the benefits of using a Fullerton InstaLoan app, it makes sense to download the Fullerton instant loan app and begin the loan processing whenever there is an urgent money requirement. A cutting-edge loan app like this makes personal loans instantly available with just a few screen taps.

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