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11 Traditional Bengali Sweet Dishe You Should Try this Durga Puja


Hindus celebrate Sharodiya Durga Puja, a significant religious event, at the culmination of the Hindi month of Ashwin. The sweets and delicacies, prepared for worshipping Devi Durga is a major attraction for devotees throughout the region. While everyone gets preoccupied with different aspects of the Puja celebration, the hardcore food enthusiasts get busy satiating their sweet tooth. The desserts or Bengali Sweet Dishes prepared during Durga Puja also feature in every Bengali home on many other occasions.

You can relish the authentic taste of these sweets and desserts on your visit to West Bengal. Alternatively, you can try them during your train journey by using RailRestroapp. It is the best app to order food in train and get it delivered at your berth.

11 Traditional Bengali Sweet Dishes On Train

There is something delicious to cater to every palette in West Bengal. Everyone knows Bengalis for their unusually sweet taste, and the diverse range of desserts and sweets available in the area is incredible. While many of those typical Bengali cuisines and products have now spread to other parts of the nation, several Bengali delicacies still have not achieved their full potential and mass appeal.

Here is a list containing a few well-known Bengali sweets/desserts that you should relish at least once in your life:

Nolen Gurer Sondesh(The Evergreen Jaggery Delicacy)

The use of Fresh Nolen juice collected in winter from date palms is necessary to make Nolen molasses or jaggery(Gur). Following conventional methods, the Hindu artisans prepare Nolen Gurer Sondesh with this special ‘Gur’ and milk. It is a world-famous dessert and an all-time favourite

sweet of Bengal. The slippery consistency of the Gur and the heavenly taste enhances the experience of consuming this variety of Sondesh. You can get this Sondesh from the market from winter to spring.

Chhanar Payesh/Kheer/Phirni(Bengali Rice Pudding)

This sweet dish originated from Mughal cuisine. Kheer or Phirni are other names for this traditional Bengali dessert. The fusion of Kashmiri and Persian cuisine created Phirni. The North Indian variety of Phirni became popular as Kheer due to the level of sweetness in the milk used to prepare it. It uses ingredients like condensed milk, rice, sugar or jaggery, ghee and cardamom powder. Pistachios, raisins, almonds, and cashews are used for garnishing the Payesh on the base of Chhana. If you are a sweet buff, you will be captivated by its presentation, even without tasting it.

Sweet Curd/Mishti Doi(Homemade Indulgence)

This delightful dessert is prepared using boiled, condensed milk and jaggery. It is also occasionally made using date jaggery(Khajur Gur). It has a heavenly lingering sweetness that takes it to another level. Sweet Curd or Mishti Doi is a well-known Bengali dessert adored by many Indians. Mishti Doi is made with full cream milk and jaggery. It may also include cardamom powder for garnishing Mishti Doi to enhance the flavour.

Roshogolla(Superstar of Bengali Desserts)

Experts believe that Hindu moiras introduced Roshogolla during the Portuguese period. They used to prepare them at Bhandaria in Pirojpur, Barisal and passed them down to their descendants. All age groups equally enjoy the popular Bengali sweet across the globe. The syrup dripping to your face when you gobble this spongy sweet is very gratifying, even at the cost of looking ridiculous. Chenna (curdled milk) and sugar are the two key ingredients in preparing Rasgulla. Sometimes rose water or kewra essence is added to the syrup to make it more flavourful. Spongy Rasgullas are irresistible for many; they just can’t be satisfied with one.

Rajbhog(Rich Cousin of Rasogolla)

Rajbhogs are made from Chenna, loaded with dry fruits and drenched in saffron-infused sugar syrup. This mouth-watering, big spongy sweet resembles its close cousin, Rashogolla. However, both have a distinct colour, stuffing and overall flavour. Rajbhog is an upgrade to the evergreen Roshogolla that has made Puja celebrations more joyous all over the country.

Pantua (A Gulab Jamun Lookalike)

This heartwarming dessert is very similar to Rose-Jamun and is prepared by mixing Chhena, flour, and husk. The sweet was popularised by a person named Surendralal Kundu during the India-Pakistan partition. He started a food store with his son Prankrishna after migrating to Katwa from Bangladesh. When Prankrishna began making the Pantuya dessert, the locals named the sweet- ‘Paran’s Pantua’.

Langcha(A Juicy, Cylindrical Wonder)

Centuries ago, a physically disabled sweet maker named Moira from Nodia was summoned to the royal palace by the then King of Burdwan. The King’s daughter-in-law wanted to eat sweets, so he ordered the sweet maker to fulfil her wish. Moira’s delicacy earned popularity and was named ‘Langcha’ or ‘Lancha’. This juicy dessert, made from flour and khoya and dipped into sugar syrup, falls in the same category as Pantua. This cylindrical-shaped Bengali sweet is quite popular in eastern India, especially during festivals and special occasions.

Chomchom(A Coconut Delight)

Around two centuries ago, an artisan named Jashorot Hal made the first Chomchom. But the modern version of this sweet was made by Matilal Gore. He took help from his grandfather’s recipe. Chomchom is a unique sweet prepared using flour, sugar, saffron, coconut and cream. It is famously referred to as the King of sweets in Bangladesh. This popular Bengali dessert is usually covered in mawa or coconut flakes and has an oval shape with a brownish tint. Chomchom is less perishable so you can store it for a longer period.

Kheer Kadam(Two-layered Flower )

Savour this double-layered sweet indulgence to experience the beauty of its texture and taste. While fried Kheer and castor sugar form its exterior, you’ll discover the moistness of a Rashogolla sweet in the centre. Kheer Kadam was given to this dessert because it resembled a Kadam (Kadamba) flower. This sweet prominently features in the list of top Durga Puja festival sweets.

Kachagolla(Bengali Cottage Cheese Balls)

This soft, easily dissolving in-your-mouth dessert is made with freshly formed Chenna and garnished with cardamom and saffron. Kacha Golla is a nutritious dessert frequently consumed during religious events and festivals. Lot’s of people prefer this sweet because it takes less time and less resources to prepare it.

Mihidana(Bengali Boondi)

Bhairab Chandra Nag, a Burdwan artisan first made Mihidana in 1904. At that time, the landlord of Burdwan, named Vijaychand Mahtab, was asked to procure this sweet to commemorate the visit of a high-ranking official to Burdwan. This attractive sweet uses ingredients such as gram flour, saffron, rice, ghee and sugar. Nowadays, many artisans use date molasses in the place of sugar.

Durga Puja sweets have enriched Bengalism since beginning . It has given the Bengali Hindu community’s worship-centred rituals new life. These days, thanks to modern communications, there is global sharing of the recipe for this kind of dessert. As a result, There is enormous consumption of Durga Puja sweets during ceremonies held by Bengali communities dispersed over the globe.

How to Get Bengali Sweet Dishes on Train From RailRestro?

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To order dessert on any IRCTC train, follow these steps:

  • Open the RailRestro app.
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  • Choose the station where you want your sweets delivered.
  • Choose your preferred desserts from the restaurant’s menu, then continue with the payment option.
  • Select your payment mode from the two alternatives: online or cash on delivery.
  • Delivery of an SMS and email is automatic to your phone  to confirm your booking.

You will get your sweet delivery at your seat on the specified day. Moreover, with RailRestro, you can also order Navratri Thali on Train and festive special food items. RailRestro is the best app to order food on train delivery. Get it from Playstore today to find out more about its food in train service. Enjoy your trip!

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