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The marketing power of combining email and SMS is considerable. Let’s look at five reasons why integrating both platforms into your marketing approach is a good idea.

The desire to receive brand messages through SMS has grown with each successive generation. In order to maintain their audience’s interest and provide the desired outcomes, businesses must evolve with the times. For this reason, it is necessary to establish a system for sending out mass SMS messages that can communicate with other forms of advertising.

The return on investment (ROI) for text message advertising might be quite high. It’s a great way to let people know about limited-time deals, event announcements, or other time-sensitive details. Its benefits may supplement your email marketing efforts and boost the overall efficacy of your marketing strategy.

It’s hardly surprising that the two strategies mesh well, given the prevalence of mobile devices. Email and text message marketing may be maximized if you are familiar with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Using both channels effectively may boost the success of your efforts and increase your consumer engagement since their capabilities are complementary.

 All you need is the recipient’s consent to send them an email or text message

Customers give you permission to contact them through the channels of their choosing when they complete online forms for your weekly email newsletter or SMS shipment alerts. When compared to cohort builders found on social media and search engines, the list your organization generates from these signups is of far better quality.

Email marketing and short message service (SMS) provide a customized way to communicate with the correct audience rather than blanketing them with adverts they don’t care about. Those that choose to opt-in are clearly interested in your message.

Advertisements on social media and search engines need to pique the interest of those who are unfamiliar with your business. Your target audience is certain to have some familiarity with your brand if you use SMS or email marketing. Greater space is available in various forms of communication for the purpose of establishing your brand and telling your narrative. When executed properly, even brief communications can improve customer satisfaction and promote brand loyalty.

It’s possible for the two to collaborate on customer data and list expansion

When your email marketing campaign expands, you may experiment with different types of content to see which ones get the best response. Your email and SMS marketing efforts will benefit from the knowledge you collect about your subscribers’ habits and preferences over time.

To jumpstart your SMS marketing, you may use the email list of subscribers and the information gained from such campaigns. There will still be some tweaking, but unlike most businesses’ email marketing programs, you won’t have to start from zero. Sending out an email blast to subscribers asking for their phone numbers is a great way to supplement the launch of your text messaging campaigns (and consent).

The effectiveness of your SMS campaign may inform how you improve your email campaigns in the future. To reach people outside of your current pool of email subscribers, consider providing incentives for them to join your SMS list.

Use a variety of communication methods to reach more consumers

There are those consumers who would rather never see another promotional message in their inbox. Some people would find it quite annoying if a shop they had ever ordered from texted them again. In order to keep all of your customers satisfied with your campaign, it is essential that you monitor open and response rates and divide your audience into subsets based on their preferred mode of communication.

List-building might be difficult since customers are reluctant to disclose their preferred channel. People often choose the first option provided to them, even if there are better alternatives available. By allowing everyone to join both mailing lists, you can observe whether there is a clear preference for one over the other.

Customer lists may be divided into subgroups depending on open rates. This is useful if you want to keep in touch with those who haven’t responded to any of your messages but who could be omitted inadvertently. You should SMS those who often click on your text message links but seldom view your emails. The recipients of your texts who merely skim them but who are more likely to act on your calls to action in emails should get the latter. Even if a consumer opts out of all of your marketing communications, you may still reach out to them via the channels they prefer.

a short message service (SMS) allows for instantaneous answers

Instantaneous engagements prompted by SMS messages make them a great addition to time-sensitive or otherwise significant email campaigns. People are increasingly checking their email on their mobile devices, but this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll notice or reply to your message right away. As long as you’re planning on running a sustained advertising effort, this won’t be a deal breaker. However, you may not receive the instantaneous replies you’re aiming for if you send an email announcing a flash sale or taking advantage of a sudden change.

Short Message Service (SMS) is convenient for short messages but is not suitable for lengthy or complicated discussions. If you’re introducing a new product, for instance, you may need to mention its features and price.

This is when integrating your SMS and email marketing strategies is at its most effective. Texts often get a reply within 90 seconds. Whatever the deal, if you need immediate results, it’s best to use a combination of email marketing and SMS rather than depending on email messaging alone.

Even though a text message may have more characters than an email subject line, most people won’t bother reading it unless they really have to. The only rule you need to follow while sending an SMS is to limit it to 160 characters. You may use a backward or forward email or text message chain based on your needs. If your firm has a big announcement coming up next week, you can let potential customers know what they can anticipate by sending them a text message detailing what they can look forward to in the following email.

The correct media may enhance the consumer experience if it’s used properly

The customer experience may be enhanced by taking into account the fact that individuals respond differently to emails and text messages. Let’s be honest: when was the last time you jumped on an “urgent” email the second it arrived? We don’t think you’ve ever heard that phrase before unless it came from your employer. Is there a way to save a text message in order to see the link at a later time?

You should send your newsletters and other lengthy communications through email. They are ideal for sending clients the information they may find useful in the future but don’t need immediately. Prepare to utilize email for these

Communications involving a purchase or sale

Questions for Reactions

Success stories regarding your company’s employees, goods, or service

Take charge of caretaking

Re-engagement Efforts

Text messages are perfect for sending time-sensitive information or real-time conversations that demand immediate responses from customers, such as:


Notices of potential danger


Notices of Shipment or Completion of Delivery

People that buy from you don’t want to miss out on anything crucial. They will be grateful for any information that may be put to use right away that they get by text message. They’ll be grateful to you for continuing to send them emails with substantial articles they may read at their leisure.

Schedule your first joint email and text message marketing effort now.

Launch a campaign that combines email and SMS marketing before your competitors do so that you can always reach your consumers, no matter where they are. The information you get through SMS marketing will be invaluable for future initiatives.

With the rise of rich communication services (RCS) and conversational marketing, the future of SMS will provide even more opportunities for businesses to communicate with and sell to consumers. Text message advertising is predicted to grow to a $12.6 billion business by 2025. No company can afford to lose out on that sum. It’s time to update your marketing plan to reflect the rise of mobile devices and the ebb and flow of customer tastes.

The success of a business’s SMS marketing campaign may be improved by employing Guni’s SMS Gateway. The capacity to cheaply and efficiently reach your clients with a customized text message is a huge plus. Reporting and analytics allow you to monitor the development of your marketing effort and make course corrections as necessary (if required).

Many Australian businesses rely on Guni because of its status as an industry leader in SMS and MMS marketing. We provide an easy and inexpensive solution whether you want to use SMS or MMS for marketing or even just to send out a lot of Text Messaging at once.

If you’re considering leaving your current messaging service and would want to discuss the transition with a human being, please don’t be shy about getting in touch with us. Please call us; we’re eager to chat.

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